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Sophos is a global pioneer and provider of sophisticated cybersecurity solutions such as Sophos Managed Response and Extended Detection and Response (MDR & XDR). It provides a comprehensive portfolio of endpoint, network, email, and cloud security technologies that help enterprises combat cyberattacks. Sophos Firewall is a state-of-the-art firewall solution with a highly advanced dual-processor architecture. It incorporates a multi-core CPU, an Xstream flow processor, DPI, IPS, and Xstream SD-Wan. It secures wired and wireless networks, offering advanced protection against cyber threats, including malware, viruses, spyware, and phishing attacks.

With a central console system to manage all components, it is the best cybersecurity solution for companies. It improves visibility over the network, finds malicious activities, isolates affected network sections, and stops a cyber threat from disrupting daily business operations. Sophos Firewall is a reliable solution that helps businesses of all sizes stay safe and secure in today's increasingly complex threat landscape.

The New-gen firewall like Sophos is a modern approach to network security that integrates traditional firewall capabilities with advanced cybersecurity features. NGFWs provide a comprehensive approach to examining the traffic passing through the network and identifying potential threats based on the content and context of the traffic. It detects and blocks more sophisticated attacks, including zero-day exploits. It provides greater visibility into network traffic, enabling IT administrators to create more granular security policies based on specific applications, users, and devices.

Sophos Next-gen Firewall Models

XGS Firewall

Sophos XGS Firewall series provides a suite of firewall models for small, medium, and growing distributed enterprises. It optimizes network speed, streamlines high traffic, and organizes backend activities on the network.

Sophos XGS Firewall

XGS Firewall Classification

  • XGS Series Desktop
    For branch office use.
    Get an all-in-one connection for branch offices, retail stores, and small businesses at an excellent pricing model.
  • XGS Series 1U Rackmount
    For distributed edge.
    Flexible connection and performance to suit the security infrastructure demands of large SMB and mid-sized companies.
  • XGS Series 2U Rackmount
    For enterprise/campus edge
    Comprehensive performance and connectivity to suit the most demanding enterprise and campus networks.

Sophos Firewall Features

Powerful Protection and Performance

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Exposing Hidden Risks

It has a set of modern threat protection technologies that help find threats and stop malware from spreading into the network. It proactively hunts for threats and validates them with Sophos Lab. Providing superior visibility into risky activity and suspicious traffic helps prevent any potential threat by exposing it at an early stage.

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Stop Unknown Threats

Sophisticated next-generation protection technologies like deep learning and intrusion prevention keep the data secure. Traffic encryption and deep packet inspection provide security. The continuous threat search adds a variety of malfunctions to the Sophos lab database, which then launches ML-based operations that remotely disrupt, confine, and destroy threats. The threat intelligence, combined with newly identified indications of compromise, aids in preventing unknown threats.

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Isolate Infected Systems

The system uses all available threat information to determine the scope and severity of the issue. Every hunt-and-response action provides decision-driving data to enhance configurations and automate detection abilities. On automatic threat response, the infected system is identified and isolated from the network to prevent the malware from accessing the rest of the resources.


Efficient Organization

Secure critical workflows with Xstream protection.

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TLS 1.3 Decryption

Sophos Firewall Xstream Protection uses an upgraded version of transfer layer security inspection. It helps provide effective and faster protection with industry-leading performance, leaving no blind spots in the network. Xstream TLS inspection provides enterprise-grade policies, dashboard visibility, and troubleshooting features.

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Deep Packet Inspection- DPI

Sophos Firewall includes a high-speed, proxy-less, deep packet inspection engine that scans your traffic for threats without slowing down the process. It filters data and thwarts all types of ransomware using high-performance deep packet inspection. Next-generation IPS, web protection, deep learning, and sandboxing helps effectively in threat detection.

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Application Acceleration

A significant portion of your network traffic is from trusted business-related applications. It can be intelligently directed to the FastPath to improve latency and optimize performance. Sophos Firewall speeds up your SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic by routing it through the FastPath on the Xstream Flow Processor..



Optimize WAN performance and streamline traffic with Xstream SD-WAN.

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Fast Path Acceleration

The FastPath acceleration in the Xstream architecture facilitates swift trusted traffic flows. Offloading a trusted IPsec VPN tunnel improves IPsec speed while freeing up considerable CPU resources for other tasks like deep packet traffic analysis. It also guarantees improved TLS inspection performance and threat prevention.

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Performance-Based Routing

SD-WAN Link Performance monitors for jitter, latency, and packet loss. Sophos Firewall allows service-level agreement (SLA)-based link selection and routing according to real-time packet loss, jitter, and latency, without affecting application traffic when switching between links.

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Point-and-Click Orchestration

It helps to set up the most sophisticated full mesh, hub-and-spoke, or combination of SD-WAN overlay networks with full tunnel redundancy. It seamlessly integrates with SD-WAN features for application prioritization, routing optimization, and leveraging multiple WAN links for resiliency and optimum performance.


Built for Performance

sophos xtream

Powered by Xstream

Sophos firewalls combine these two features: the adaptability of a powerful multi-core CPU for deep packet inspection and the performance advantages of a specialized Xstream Flow Processor for intelligent application acceleration. It accelerates and offloads critical SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic while increasing the performance capacity of TLS and deep packet inspection.

sophos xgs firewall

High-Speed Connectivity

It incorporates versatile connectivity options, with add-on modules for 3G/4G/LTE, high-speed copper, fibre, and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Every model comes with optional built-in Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity. Additional high-density Flexi Port modules are also available to expand connectivity further.

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Designed for Performance

Sophos Firewall is custom-built to cope with the most demanding workloads with dual processor architecture, adequate memory provisioning, and high-performing solid-state storage. They promise all the hardware features like versatility and security needed to strive for extra protection.


Centralized Cloud-managed Platform

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One Console Management

Sophos Central, a cloud-based management interface, streamlines firewall setup, monitoring, and management. Alerting, backup management, one-click firmware upgrades, and quick firewall setup are all additional features provided. It helps to schedule backups and upgrade firmware throughout your network with a few clicks.

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Cloud Reporting

Sophos Central includes comprehensive reporting tools that visualize network, web, and application activities. It provides flexible reporting options with a built-in reports feature to create custom reports. Network analytics provides visibility into network activity, allowing you to identify security gaps and suspicious user behaviour.

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Zero-Touch Deployment

In Sophos Central, new firewalls may be deployed and configured with zero-touch deployment. It allows the primary customization in Sophos Central and then exported for loading onto devices from a flash drive and instantly connecting it back to Sophos Central on the restart.


Synchronized Security

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Synchronized Protection

Sophos firewall integrates with the Sophos ecosystem elements to enable MDR and XDR. ZTNA, the Intercept X endpoint, and synchronized security provide incredible visibility and protection. It puts your cybersecurity on autopilot by letting Sophos handle your security. Or use Sophos Central to manage everything yourself from a single dashboard.

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Extend Your Network

It delivers a wide array of solutions that assist the expanding network. SD-WAN, cloud and VPN solutions ease the integration of remote locations or distributed networks. Your distributed network can be extended easily and securely with SD-WAN, cloud, and VPN secure access solutions from Sophos Firewall.

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Multiply Team

A combination of Sophos Firewall, Synchronized Security, and Sophos Central offers powerful and unified security management. It streamlines IT security and reduces the time spent on it. It makes security more manageable by reducing the burden and doubling the team size.


A Solution Tailored for Your Network

It is always a cause for concern to pick a firewall that adapts to your network. It must work efficiently with your area of expertise. Choose Sophos Firewall models and be rest assured. You do not have to fit into ours; Sophos will blend in with yours. It fits a variety of work structures and environments, meeting all your organizational needs.

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Sophos Firewall uses all next-gen security technology without impacting efficiency. High-performance Xstream architecture with enterprise-grade protection, visibility, and SD-WAN capabilities helps you succeed in complex business operations. It removes significant blind spots and provides exceptional visibility and insight into network traffic.

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Remote Working

Remote work is a significant transformation. Large networks connect the workforce and the resources. Safeguarding connections, resources, and devices are necessary to secure this environment. Sophos offers reliable solutions to tackle these contemporary problems. Supporting remote employees and safeguarding endpoints is simple with Sophos Firewall and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

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With the cloud firewall solution, secure private, hybrid, and on-premises cloud infrastructure. It offers network responsiveness, protection, and visibility. The cloud management platform Sophos Central allows managing all your Sophos products. Cloud-based sandboxing, threat intelligence, and deep learning prevent file-based attacks and even zero-day vulnerabilities from entering your network.

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All-in-one Network Protection

Sophos Firewall has the best Unified Threat Management (UTM) security module in the market. It is easy to manage and has unbeatable value. Sophos Firewall imparts simple, consolidated, and affordable protection according to the company size. Next-gen firewall protection with high-performing elements stops the latest attacks. Synchronized security, web and app control, sandboxing, SD-WAN, and VPN features create a threat-free, efficient, and productive workplace.

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Retail and Branch

Sophos devices can benefit scattered businesses with several branches. They use the most recent technology to overcome security, compliance, and productivity issues. Remote edge devices extend the network to branch offices or remote sites, making SD-Branch orchestration easier. They provide zero-touch setup and simple point-and-click operations using Sophos Central.

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Sophos Firewall can be considered a purpose-built solution to address requirements in the educational sector. It satisfies all unique compliance, safety, and management requirements. It ensures the visibility, security, and control that educational institutions need while making day-to-day management and reporting easier. Web filtering, child safety, and compliance, context-aware keyword filtering, insights into high-risk users, and protection from threats are top-notch elementary features provided in this module.

Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices

SD-RED Series ethernet devices enable network access to remote sites and branches. It's a fast, simple networking platform. Its zero-touch deployment makes setup easier and securely links remote workers.


Sophos Synchronized Security Partner

GS-IT is one of the leading Sophos next-generation firewall vendors in Dubai, UAE. We are an accredited Sophos gold partner with a decade-plus of experience in the cybersecurity domain. We aim to deliver enterprise-grade security solutions to provide 360-degree protection for your business operations. As a Sophos authorized partner, our proactive team specializing in cybersecurity solutions, like firewalls, endpoints, and other network security products, customizes solutions according to your business requirements.

Associating with industry pioneers in security solutions, we protect organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our solutions offer a range of deployment options, including physical appliances and virtual machines, and are compatible with all existing systems. Our reputation for high-performance, reliable security solutions, and top-notch client service has made us the top pick for Sophos firewall in Dubai.

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