Eliminate blind spots and achieve full coverage with Sophos wireless access point.

Sophos APX series bridges the gap between wired and wireless networks, providing a convenient and secure way to access the internet. They are cost-effective alternatives to cables, offering flexibility. In addition, it can be deployed quickly and easily, without the need for extensive infrastructure.

Sophos Firewall offers numerous options for wireless LAN integration. Its desktop devices can be configured with integrated Wi-Fi, making them an economical, comprehensive solution for small offices and retail environments where network coverage is confined to a small area.

apx sophos

Sophos Firewall can regulate Sophos wireless access point. Designed for multiple deployment scenarios, these models come with a variety of deployment options to fit different needs and suit the tightest budgets; 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 models are available.


sophos access point

Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to threats such as rogue APs and spoofing attempts. Sophos-enhanced threat detection helps to automatically assess the level of risk posed by neighbouring networks and alerts for infiltration through Wi-Fi so that organizations can be prepared for a potential breach. The on-demand scan function displays the current threat information.

sophos wifi access point

RSophos APX series is simple to initiate and incorporate into your Sophos Central suite of cloud-managed security solutions. You can use Sophos Central to manage the Sophos APX series alone or in unison with Endpoint, Mobile, Email, Encryption, Server Protection, and Firewall Management. The notable benefit is that everything is managed from a single cloud-based console.

sophos wireless access point

Sophos wireless access point combines the unique features of Security Heartbeat with the power of Sophos Central. It checks the health status of connected endpoints and mobile clients. It lowers the risk for trusted Wi-Fi networks by limiting online access for unfit customers. It provides better visibility and reduces the lateral movement of threats.

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Hotspots &
Guest Access

Sophos APX provides regulated internet access for visitors and other network guests. Customize guest access with your own brand, colour scheme, and terms of service by employing a daily password, a time-based voucher, or a social login. Employ enterprise-class backend authentication for achieving a seamless user experience.

Product Highlights

sophos apx series

Use your Sophos device as a wireless on-premises controller.

sophos access point

Every appliance purchase includes a base license; no separate subscription is necessary.

sophos access point setup

There are four indoor types available: 2x2:2, 3x3:3, and 4x4:4.

sophos wifi access

Better and optimized performance than older Sophos wireless access point.

Sophos wireless access point

Mounting kits for both wall- and ceiling-mount

Sophos APX

Excellent for extending cellular service in locations with limited coverage.

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