Sophos SD-RED

Edge Connectivity Devices for Remote Locations

Sophos Remote Ethernet devices are network appliances that provide secure tunnel access from their deployment location to the firewall. Its software-defined aspect makes it more flexible and simplifies network access for remote workers and distant branch offices.

Sophos SD-RED devices are ideal for branch offices with limited numbers of employees and for remote purposes. Built on the latest enterprise-class, high-speed networking platforms, they maintain top-notch encryption standards between remote branches and the company network. It is a value-added service for retail businesses. Retail chains with several branches benefit from having the same security as the main store.

sophos red sd wan

It has a variety of SD-WAN capabilities that help to improve network health visibility and speed up application performance so that remote offices receive the same performance as the main office.

Fea tures

sophos xgs red

It's simple to expand the network to new sites using Sophos remote ethernet devices. Insert the device ID into the Sophos firewall appliance and send it to the remote branch. It doesn't require any technical expertise to deploy it at a distant site. The moment the device is plugged in and connected to the internet, it will make contact with the firewall and establish a secure VPN tunnel.

sd red

Set up Sophos SD-RED devices to control DHCP and other network components on the distant network while tunneling all traffic from the remote site back to the firewall. It can also be configured to transmit only inter-office network traffic and allow direct internet access from the remote location.

red sd
Secure & Centrally

All data between the Sophos SD-RED devices and your Sophos firewall is encrypted using AES-256, guaranteeing a secure connection that is tamper- and hacker-proof. The protection of your distributed network can be customized to meet your requirements with centralized control.

sophos remote ethernet devices

Synchronized SD-WAN enables you to use the power of synchronized security, while SFOS's integration with Sophos Intercept X improves WAN path selection for your mission-critical business applications with complete dependability.

Product Highlights

sd red sophos

Plug-and-play deployment is possible without any on-site IT professional requirement.

Sophos remote ethernet devices

Flexibility in setup supports a wide range of operating scenarios.

ethernet remote device

All data transmitted between the Sophos SD-RED and firewall is encrypted.

sophos remote ethernet device

A modular design for enabling ti or 3G/4G cellular

ethernet remote

Control your Sophos remote ethernet devices from the Sophos Firewall console.

sophos sd red

Easily connects to Sophos APX access points.

SD-RED Firewall Appliances

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