Yealink A20 Meetingbar

Yealink Meeting Bar A20

The all-in-one Yealink Meeting Bar A20 is an audio-video collaboration unit ideal for small and huddle room meetings. This Yealink solution combines Meeting Bar A20 along with CTP 18 Touch panel to promote a smooth and havoc-free meeting experience.

Meeting Bar A 20 features a 20-megapixel Sony image sensor camera with a 1330 field of view. The 8 MEMS in-built microphone array provides seamless voice pickup at any part of the room. The 5W high fidelity speakers contributes a great voice coverage and a full HD duplex audio.

Incorporating new AI features, the meeting bar A20 does noise-proofing eliminating unwanted noises in the background like keyboard clutter and chair dragging. This intelligent audio analysis pares back unwanted disturbances during the meeting and ensures crystal-clear audio.

Meeting Bar A20 supports cloud video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need for a meeting room PC or Mac to connect to a meeting. It can be connected to CTP 18 touch panel that enables you to connect to the scheduled meeting with a single tap.

Meeting Bar A20 FEATURES

Smart Video Collaboration

Meeting Bar A20 owns native Microsoft Teams and Zoom experience which can be operated by just a touch or by the remote controller. Meeting Bar A20 supports both content sharing and whiteboard with the help of dual screen display making the meeting more communicative and collaborative.

Meeting Bar A20 for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms

View Everyone Clearly

Meeting Bar A20 has a 20 MP camera and 1330 super-wide field of view, providing a high-quality video conferencing experience. Everyone in the conference room is visible without adjusting the camera. The image brightness can be automatically optimized from the touch panel guaranteeing visibility of every participant in the room even in a dim-lit environment.

Meeting Bar A20 Video Conferencing Devices

Smart Video Conferencing with AI Technology

It features AI technology enabled Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking. Meeting Bar A20 supports framing the participants in the room automatically according to the number and the position of the participants. It also automatically zooms in the speaker without adjusting the camera, making the participants more focused in the conference.

Meetingbar A20

Full-Duplex Audio

It has 8 MEMS microphone arrays provisioning stronger noise proof technology and dereverberation. The upgraded beamforming algorithm, along with acoustic echo cancellation and the dereverberation, promotes high quality full-duplex sound experience and performs more precise voice pickup.

Yealink Meetingbar A20

All-in-one Design

With streamlined all-in-one design, Meeting Bar A20 Integrates computing unit, camera, microphones, speaker, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and brackets for mounting. It takes up minimal area and reduces cable clutter by simply plugging in the power adapter and HDMI cable for easy deployment. The devices can be remotely managed with Yealink device management solutions.

Meetingbar A20 - Yealink Video Conferencing Devices

Meetingbar A20 Benefits

Meetingbar A20 - Certified video conferencing system by Microsoft Teams & Zoom
Certified video conferencing system by Microsoft Teams & Zoom
Meetingbar A20 - Supports Dual Display
Supports Dual Display- One for viewing participants, other as Whiteboard/content sharing
Yealink Meeting Bar A20 Video Conferencing Devices
Electric Privacy Shutter ensuring it sees nothing when in the idle state
Yealink Meeting Bar A20 - Intelligent audio analysis
Intelligent audio analysis with Noise-proof algorithm
Yealink Meetingbar A20 in Dubai
Built-in Bluetooth & dual-band Wi-Fi

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