Yealink A20 Meetingbar

Yealink A20 MeetingBar is an all-inclusive video collaboration bar designed for compact and huddle spaces. The MeetingBar A20 provides exceptional video quality with its 20 MP camera and 120° wide-angle lens.

In conjunction with the electric lens cover, its AI technologies, such as Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, enable users to experience better and safe video conferences.

The Yealink A20 MeetingBar provides an exceptional audio experience in compact rooms. With 8 MEMS microphone arrays and Yealink AI-based noise-proof technology, it ensures that all participants can be seen and heard, even in full-duplex mode.

The MeetingBar A20 is equipped with content sharing and a whiteboard, which enhances communication and collaboration during meetings. Simple and adaptable deployment coupled with robust capabilities delivers excellent video collaboration performance.

Yealink A20 Meetingbar

Simple to Set Up a Dedicated Room

The MeetingBar A20 includes a computer, camera, microphones, speaker, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, in a single unit, making it an easy deployment option. It supports cloud-based video platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, eliminating the need for a room PC. Allowing for plug-and-play installation reduces deployment and management time.

Yealink a20

Yealink A20 Meetingbar Features

smart video collaburation device

Smart Video

The Yealink A20 runs on Android 10.0 OS, offering native Teams or Zoom experiences. It can be accessed with just one touch or a remote control. In addition, you can experience a more communicative and collaborative meeting with the whiteboard and content-sharing capabilities of Yealink A20.

wide angle camera meeting bar


The Yealink A20 excels at encoding, decoding, and image processing. The 20-MP camera with a 120-degree FOV ensures high-quality video conferences. It captures the whole area without any manual adjustments and can be optimized even in dimly lit areas to ensure that participants are seen.

auto framing meeting bar


Even in confined areas, Auto Framing automatically frames everyone in the most suited perspective based on the number and placements of attendees.

meeting bar speaker tracking


Speaker Tracking creates a live, up-close view of the speaker to heighten audience engagement and provide an authentic face-to-face meeting experience.

picture in picture icon


Picture-in-picture displays the meeting space and the speaker simultaneously, allowing users to keep track of who is speaking even if the speaker is situated at the far end of the room.

multiple people focusing meeting bar


It eliminates distractions caused by an unclear background by combining the equal views of multiple people into a single meeting view.

meeting bar with multiple gallary

Smart Gallery
(Zoom Only)

Three video streams, one panoramic view, and two individual views of the current and recent active speaker are all displayed in the smart gallery. This enables distant attendees to see the group more clearly.

compact meeting bar

All-in-One Design
for Fast Start

Yealink A20 with the whole bundle of components helps save space and reduce cable congestion. Connecting power and an HDMI cable enables video conferencing. Additionally, the Yealink Device Management Platform facilitates seamless management.

AI-Based Voice Cleans Up All The Noise

Yealink's improved AI noise cancellation improves the audio quality. It is more about intelligent audio analysis than conventional audio frequency filtering, using a sizable deep-learning sound database to decrease background disturbances. Users enjoy crystal-clear audio quality since the disturbing keyboard clatter, mouse clicks, footfall, and other background noises are reduced.

yealink a20 collaboration bar

Initiating a Wireless Meeting

With the WPP30 presentation module, the MeetingBar series enables a wireless meeting experience. Once connected, it automatically prepares for wireless content sharing and device mode without requiring any configuration steps.

a20 yealink

Video Platforms of Your Choice

Yealink MeetingBar supports a variety of video platform experiences. Regardless of the platform, start your meeting immediately!

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Meetingbar a20

Yealink A20 Meetingbar Benefits

  • Microsoft Teams and Zoom-certified video conferencing system.
  • Dual display for watching participants and whiteboard/content sharing
  • Electric Privacy Shutter ensures it sees nothing in the idle state.
  • Intelligent audio analysis with Noise-proof algorithm
  • AI tracking with auto framing and speaker tracking

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