Yealink A30 Meetingbar

Yealink Meeting Bar A30

Yealink Meeting Bar A30 is a Teams-certified edition video collaboration bar for medium-sized rooms. Housing a dual camera system with an 8-megapixel camera and 1200 super wide-angle FOV, A30 delivers outstanding video quality with in-depth visual clarity, unattainable with a single camera system. It also supports human body detection and frames and tracks the participants in the room. The 8 MEMS microphone arrays and Yealink noise cancellation algorithm offer a perfect audio experience. A30 allows content sharing and collaboration using a whiteboard to make meetings more communicative and collaborative.


Smart Video Collaboration

Meeting bar A30 is a Microsoft Teams and Zoom-certified video conferencing system. It can be easily integrated with a touch panel or operated with a remote controller. The dual camera system of Meeting bar A30 consists of a stationary camera and an electronic PTZ camera. Both cameras work hand-in-hand, and one provides a panoramic view of the meeting room while the other tracks the movements and changes in the room and conducts auto-framing and speaker tracking efficiently.

Yealink A30 Meetingbar - Microsoft Teams and Zoom-certified video conferencing system

CTP 18 Integration

CTP18 is a collaboration touch panel that pairs with the meeting bar A30 to improve and ease the meetings. The 8-inch touch screen facilitates easy meeting control by allowing one to join meetings with a single touch and control meetings quickly and effortlessly by inviting new participants or adjusting camera controls from the panel.

Meeting Bar A30 - CTP 18 Integration

Content Sharing

It put forward wireless content sharing and the BYOD mode. Wireless content sharing is achievable with the WPP20 dongle. When connected to the PC, with a single click, it enables content sharing. It reduces cable clutter and distance issues. In BYOD mode, content sharing is possible by VCH 51, simply connecting a USB C and an HDMI cable from the screen to the laptop and sharing content during the meetings.

Yealink A20 Zoom and Teams Meetingbar

Content Cam

The A30 Meeting Bar supports whiteboard sharing with the integration of a UVC 30 content cam. The system reuses traditional whiteboards and enables real-time collaboration with the whiteboards.

Meeting Bar A30 Meeting Bar supports whiteboard

Full-Duplex Experience

The 8 MEMS microphone arrays of meeting bar A30 give better noise-proof ability. The new beamforming algorithm with acoustic echo cancellation and dereverberation authorizes high-quality full-duplex audio with precise voice pickup.

Full-Duplex Experience with Meeting Bar A30

All-in-one Design

The streamlined design incorporates a computing unit, camera, microphones, speaker, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Meeting bar A30 takes up less space and eliminates cable clutter. In addition, the Yealink Device Management ensures easy management of the devices remotely.

Yealink Meeting bar A30

Meetingbar A30 Benefits

Meeting bar A30 - All in one design
ALL-IN-ONE design incorporating Two Cameras Design
Meeting bar A30 - Auto framing and speaker tracking solutions
1200 Super field of view enabling smooth Auto framing and speaker tracking
Meeting Bar A30 Meeting Bar supports whiteboard
Dual screen support for content sharing and whiteboard
Yealink A30 Meetingbar
Electric Privacy Shutter
Built-in Bluetooth & dual-band Wi-Fi - A30 Meetingbar
Built-in Bluetooth & dual-band Wi-Fi
Microsoft Teams and Zoom-certified Yealink Meeting Bar A30
Certified by Zoom & Microsoft Teams

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