Yealink MVC320 Teams Room System

Yealink MVC320

The Yealink MVC series is an advanced, high-performing video conferencing solution. Designed to fit in Microsoft Teams meeting rooms of any size, Yealink's MVC series video conferencing solution provides an adaptive VC system for organizations with a need for small-group meetings.

The Yealink MVC320 is a hybrid video conferencing system that includes an UVC30-Room ultra-HD 4K camera and Mspeech, a USB speakerphone to meet the requirements of small meeting rooms. It also comes with Mcore, a cable management system that provides flexibility and reliability when deployed within the meeting room. The touch panel MTouch II allows easy control during meetings by performing all necessary actions, like starting a scheduled call with a single touch.

Yealink MVC320 Features

Smooth Conference Experience

The Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface offers a one-touch meeting join. The MTouch II touch panel performs call control, camera control, content sharing, and other functions. The MTouch has a built-in Human Motion Sensor that can automatically wake up the conference system upon human entry into the meeting room and start a conference immediately.

yealink mvc320 microsoft teams rooms system

Auto-framing & smart Audio

The Yealink camera control plug-in allow automatic framing of all participants present at a meeting, eliminating manual control. The electronic pan, tilt, and zoom are easily achievable in one step. The 120° extra-large field of view supports ultra-HD video calls. The MSpeech speakerphone provides voice recognition, voice transcription, real-time translation, and Cortana voice assistant for an efficient video conferencing experience

Yealink MVC320 Teams Room System Dubai

Content Sharing in Real-time

The unique wireless content-sharing solution allows maximum flexibility by allowing users to share content with one click. The WPP20 can be plugged directly into the PC. It provides an efficient content-sharing experience at any distance. Alternatively, wired content sharing is also available by connecting the device to a USB-C or HDMI port.

Yealink MVC320 Video Conferencing Kit

Simple to Deploy

The MCORE all-in-one design for cable management ensures the stability of the wire connection deployed according to the layout of the meeting room, eliminating the cable clutter. One CAT5e is enough to connect the TV and conference table area and complete the data transmission and power supply, simplifying deployment and effectively reducing deployment costs.

Yealink MVC320 Teams Room System

MVC320 Benefits

mvc320 video conference system
One Cable Technology eliminating all cable clutter
yealink mvc320 teams room system
4K UHD Resolution and Auto Framing for efficient meeting experience
MVC320 Teams Room System
Wireless Content Sharing with just a touch at any distance in the meeting room.
MVC320 Teams Video Conferencing Kit
3-Microphone Array provides premium voice pickup
Yealink Device Management manages your devices remotely.

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