Yealink Microsoft Teams MVC400

Yealink MVC400

Yealink MVC 400 is an easy-to-use video conferencing solution specially designed for Microsoft Teams rooms. It comprises three hardware components: Mcore mini-PC, MTouch II touch console, and UVC40 all-in-one USB video bar. It is best suited for a huddle in small meeting rooms.

Mcore mini-PC takes care of all the cable deployment in the meeting room, making it a breeze to manage the cables in the meeting room.

MTouch console permits easy meeting connection; walk into the meeting room and start your scheduled meeting with one-touch join.

Including a high-performance MCore, a touch panel MTouch II, and a USB video bar UVC40, MVC400 is the optimum choice for small meeting rooms.

Yealink MVC400 Features

Smooth Conference Experience

It also has a Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface and promotes one-touch meeting joining. MTouch II has a built-in Human Motion Sensor that automatically wakes up on sensing any movements within the meeting room and immediately gets ready to start the conference. You can also share content in meetings, such as documents, images, or videos, with just one click on the touch panel.

Yealink MVC400 all in one USB Video Bar

Smart Video Conferencing with AI Technology

UVC40 supports AI features like Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking. It enables optimal framing of the attendees in a meeting room by automatically following the number and position of the attendees. Also, it automatically tracks the speaker and zooms in on the speaker with the help of voice print recognition.

Yealink MVC400 Teams Rooms Conference System

Full-Duplex Experience

UVC40 uses 8 MEMS microphone arrays to provide a high-quality audio experience. The new upgraded beamforming algorithm, together with acoustic echo cancellation and dereverberation, allows UVC40 to create high-quality full-duplex meeting calls with better voice pickup precision.

Yealink MVC400 Video Conferencing Kit

Content Sharing in Real Time

The WPP20 is a unique wireless content-sharing solution that provides participants with maximum flexibility. A one-click content sharing is realized by plugging into the WPP20 and pressing a button. Wired content sharing is also available by connecting to the USB-C/HDMI port.

Yealink MVC400 Teams rooms system

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

MCore is specially designed for video meeting rooms and promotes easy installation in any environment. One CAT5e cable is enough to connect the TV area and the conference table area, so no additional power supply or extension cable is needed, simplifying the layout and reducing costs.

Yealink MVC400 Room System

MVC400 Benefits

MVC400 Microsoft Teams Rooms
Easy Deployment and cost-effective solution
MVC400 Teams rooms system
Single cable technology eliminates turmoil in the meeting room due to complicated connections
MVC400 Teams Rooms Conference System
AI-enabled voice print recognition for Speaker Tracking
Microsoft Teams Rooms System - MVC400
Electric Lens Cap promotes privacy by closing the protective shield after the meeting ends
Yealink MVC400 Dubai
Device Management allows monitoring, managing, and configuring all devices remotely

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