Yealink MVC840 Teams Video Conferencing System

Yealink MVC840

Yealink MVC series is a native, easy-to-use video conferencing solution specially designed for Microsoft Teams rooms. This series provides a full-scene video conference solution to cover entire meeting rooms ranging from small to large.

The MVC840 consists of five components:

The Mcore

It fits the unique characteristics of video conferencing solutions. The ID design considers both aesthetics and practicability. With a fully integrated cable management system, it provides a flexible and reliable deployment solution to any meeting room.

MTouch II
control panel

The touch panel helps in realizing smooth camera control and other controls. With a user-friendly interface, walk into the meeting room and start the scheduled Teams or Skype meeting with single touch join without chaos.

VCM34 Microphones and
Mspeech II soundbar

Yealink MVC840 comes with two/ three VCM34 array microphones. It can support up to 6 units according to the meeting room requirements.

PTZ camera

The 4K USB UVC84 PTZ camera has 12x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom to meet the requirements of a large meeting room.

A BYOD extender is to connect to a third-party platform to join the meetings. It is connected to the laptop and the equipment with a USB cable. Using the HDMI cable connection, now project your conference on the TV.


Smooth Conference Experience

The MTouch II touch panel has a built-in Human Motion Sensor that wakens the conference system automatically to start the conference when attendees walk into the room. Microsoft Teams-tailored UI offers a one-tap meeting join. It allows call control, camera control, content sharing, and other functions.

Yealink MVC840 Microsoft Teams Rooms


The Yealink UVC84 offers auto-framing capabilities, allowing one to focus on the meeting while it captures all participants and delivers the best view of the meeting room. The camera's zoom and pan functions can be controlled via presets or directly controlled via a touch panel. It has a 12x optical zoom to provide 4K video calls that capture everyone in the room.

Yealink MVC840 Teams Room System

Smart Noise-proof Technology

The VCM34 array microphone supports a 20-foot voice pickup range and works with Yealink's Mspeaker II soundbar to deliver a high-quality audio solution. It also features Yealink's Noise Proof technology, which eliminates background distractions and noises to enjoy crystal-clear conversations even in noisy environments.

Yealink MVC840 Rooms System

Content Sharing in Real Time

The WPP20 offers maximum flexibility for content sharing. Just plug the device to share content from a computer or mobile device. The high-definition 1080p/30fps camera provides users with a better content-sharing experience and supports wired content-sharing by connecting to a USB-C cable or HDMI cable.

Yealink MVC840 Teams Rooms

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

The MCore's VCH port makes it easier to extend the deployment. It also comes with an all-in-one design that enables efficient cable management, making it suitable for any meeting room layout. One CAT5e cable is all you need to connect the TV and the conference table area.

Yealink MVC840 Video Conferencing System

MVC840 Benefits

Yealink MVC840 Microsoft Teams Rooms System
Single Cable Technology simplifies TV and conference table connections
MVC840 Teams Rooms System
3-Microphone Array system for precise audio pickup, transcription, and voice assistant.
Yealink MVC840 For Teams Rooms
Yealink Camera Control for easy and smooth camera control during the meeting
MVC840 Teams Rooms System
Wireless Content Sharing with a single touch with a dongle.
Yealink MVC840 Teams Video Conference System
Remote Device Management to configure, manage and monitor devices at regular intervals.

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