Yealink MVC860 Video Conferencing System

Yealink MVC860

Yealink MVC860 comprises a 4K UVC86 USB PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom, Mcore mini-PC, MTouch II, and MSpeaker II Soundbar. You can also select VCM34/VCM38/CPW90 array microphones to integrate with MVC860. Yealink MVC series natively integrates with Microsoft Teams to provide a full-scene video conferencing solution in meeting rooms. The MVC series features a user interface that is easy to use, with a close-to-zero learning curve and one-touch join capability.

Yealink MVC860 Features

One-touch Meeting Join

The Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface on the MTouch II offers a one-touch meeting join. With its built-in Human Motion Sensor, the conference system can automatically wake up, allowing the user to start the conference immediately.

MVC860 Microsoft Teams Rooms system

Smooth Tracking Feature

The Yealink UVC86 camera allows to performance of mechanical pan, tilt, and zoom functions from the touch panel. The camera control plug-in and presets help to operate the camera in a single step. With a 12x optical zoom and 4K video calls, the UVC86 delivers an intelligent and smooth video experience by precisely reproducing every moment and detail.

Yealink MVC860 Teams Rooms Kit

Multiple Audio Solutions

You can also choose MVC860 to work with VCM34/VCM38/CPW90 array microphones. And Yealink Noise Proof technology effectively eliminates background distractions and noises like chair dragging, keyboard noises, door closing, etc., which enables you to enjoy a crystal-clear voice even in a noisy environment.

MVC860 Microsoft Teams Room system

Content Sharing in Real Time

The WPP20 is a wireless content-sharing solution that allows users to connect their pc wirelessly and share content easily. It supports 1080p resolution, allowing for better image quality. Users can also connect their devices to the projector via USB or HDMI and share content with wired connections.

MVC860 Yealink

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

The all-in-one design with cable management ensures that cables are not in the way and that the most appropriate layout is accomplishable according to the meeting room. One CAT5e cable is enough to connect TVs and conference tables and complete power transmission, so no additional power supply or extension cable is needed. It simplifies deployments and reduces costs.

Yealink MVC860 Teams Rooms

MVC860 Benefits

Yealink MVC860 Microsoft Teams Rooms System
One Cable Technology incorporates a single Cat5e cable connecting MVC860 with the TV and conference table
MVC860 Teams Rooms System
Presenter Tracking tracks the presenter's movements and reacts to frame them clearly
Yealink MVC860 For Teams Rooms
Speaker Tracking tracks and frames the active speaker in the room during a meeting
MVC860 Teams Rooms System
Flexible Wireless Content Sharing with a single touch at any point in the room despite of the distance

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