Yealink MVC960 Video Conferencing Solutions

Yealink MVC960

Yealink's MVC series are easy-to-use video conferencing solutions specially designed for Microsoft Teams rooms. The MVC series provides a full-scene video conference solution to cover all sizes of meeting rooms ranging from large to small.

The MVC960 is a Microsoft Teams-tailored device with a native interface, making it easy to operate with a close-to-zero learning curve. It includes two UVC86 USB PTZ cameras with 12x optical zoom, providing a multi-camera solution that supports camera layout adjustment to meet the requirements of extra-large meeting rooms.


Smooth Conference Experience

The Native Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface allows users a single touch meeting joining. The MTouch II touch panel has multi-function controls, including call control, camera control, and content sharing. It also has a built-in Human Motion Sensor that automatically wakes the conference system when someone enters the room.

Yealink MVC960 Microsoft Teams Rooms System

Multi-camera Solution Supporting Camera Layout

Yealink's AV Hub supports multiple UVC86 cameras providing a multi-camera solution. It is flexible for users to switch the camera layouts as needed. The UVC86 supports 4K UHD video resolution and is equipped with 12x optical zoom to provide clear video images.

Yealink MVC960 Teams Rooms System

Simple to Deploy and Easy to Use

The all-in-one design allows for easy deployment in any room layout, and cable management ensures that the wires connecting the TV area, conference table area, and laptop remain stable. One CAT5e cable is enough to connect everything. It simplifies installation and reduces deployment costs.

MVC960 Microsoft Teams Rooms System

Manage Your Devices Remotely

This solution supports Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service and allows remote access to configure or manage all Yealink audio and video device peripherals.

Yealink MVC960 Video Conferencing Kit

MVC960 Benefits

Yealink MVC960 Microsoft Teams Rooms System
One Cable Technology helps in connecting the TV and the conference table with a single Cat5e cable.
MVC960 Teams Rooms System
Multiple Camera solutions for covering all the participants in a large room scenario.
Yealink MVC960 For Teams Rooms
Yealink Camera Control Plug-in to control the camera settings even during the sessions
MVC960 Teams Rooms System
Camera Layout Adjustment according to the specific needs at different times.
Yealink MVC960 Teams Video Conference System
Device Management for remote monitoring, managing, and configuring actions.

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