Yealink MVC S60 Microsoft Teams Rooms System

Yealink MVC S60

The Yealink MVC S60 makes hybrid meetings accessible for everyone. Designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms, the MVC S60 is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams. Remote attendees of hybrid meetings often encounter – poor video, audio, and presentation quality. The Yealink MVC S60 is a video conferencing solution that solves this problem.

The MVC S60 room kit comprises SmartVision 60, MCore Pro mini-PC, MTouch Plus touch panel, and WPP30 wireless presentation pod to enable high-quality conversations and collaborations during the meetings.

Yealink MVCS60 Components

The SmartVision 60 is a 10K resolution, 360-degree intelligent camera with a pair of multi-functional microphones and a state-of-the-art speaker system, delivering an inclusive and immersive experience for all remote meeting participants. It showcases a sleek & compact all-in-one design housing all the devices needed for a video conferencing solution.

The MCore Professional Mini-PC features a secure performance with a powerful CPU, faster processing, and high-end AI features. It supports three display screens in conference rooms and can be easily connected and deployed using one CAT5e cable.

MTouch Plus touch panel has incorporated more flexible features like a spacious 11 inches screen for better visibility and convenience and 4K content sharing options by pairing with Yealink WPP30 wireless sharing dongle or connecting with Airplay, Miracast, or Google Cast. It can incorporate multiple touch panels in the same room for flexible collaboration necessities. Wireless content sharing can be done instantly with one tap. Plug & Play requires no software or drivers, plug WPP30 into the devices, and your content is ready to be presented. Touch & Go requires only a click on the button to start collaboration right away.

Yealink MVCS60 Features

A Sleek and Compact Design

The SmartVision 60 promotes a sleek, compact design. It consists of a 360-degree 10K resolution camera; hence no attendees will remain unseen. The all-new 10K camera delivers stunning images with detail. The multi-stream people feed feature creates individual video feeds of in-room participants and stitches them together so they can be seen by remote attendees, thus promoting an inclusive meeting atmosphere.

Yealink MVC S60 Room Kit

Intelligent Voice Assistant And Transcription

It enables meeting hands-free with Cortana Voice assistant. It helps in starting and ending meetings over voice controls. It inhabits voice transcription and recognition features that help automate note-taking during meetings. It also transcripts the conversation in real time and shows it on the screen for better understanding during the call.

MVCS60 Microsoft Teams Rooms System

Ensure Everyone is Audible

With two multi-functional microphones, the SmartVision 60 can easily cover a 6m audio pickup radius from all angles in medium rooms. It also supports intelligent audio features.

Yealink Smartvision MVCS60

Control Meetings Hands-free

Use Cortana to join meetings, send messages, share files, and more. It provides high-quality automatic speech-to-text transcription by identifying speakers by their names. No extra time is needed to retype and reorganize your notes.

Microsoft Teams Rooms System MVCS60

MVCS60 Benefits

Yealink MVCS60 Microsoft Teams Rooms System
Inclusive meeting experience with multi-stream people feed
MVCS60 Teams Rooms System
LED indicators showing Cortana Voice assistant status
Yealink MVCS60 For Teams Rooms
Automatic privacy cap for the camera to safeguard the meeting room
MVCS60 Teams Rooms System
Camera mute button to protect privacy with one touch
Yealink MVCS60 Teams Video Conference System
Excellent transcription feature to automate note taking

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