Yealink UVC86 Video Conferencing Camera

Yealink UVC 86

The Yealink UVC 86 USB Camera is a 4K dual-eye intelligent camera for medium and large rooms certified by Microsoft Teams. The Yealink UVC86 Video Conferencing Camera set comes with a USB camera, mounting hardware, USB and network cables, and a remote control. With diverse users comes the need for different scenarios in various fields. Considering UVC 86 BYOD has three different modes, which are configurable according to requirements. The three modes are

  • Yealink UVC86 USB Camera


  • Yealink UVC86 Camera


  • UVC86 4k Camera


Yealink UVC86 Features

Dual Camera Technology

The dual camera technology of UVC 86 consists of a PTZ camera and a 4K digital zoom camera situated at the base of the body. The panoramic camera facilitates speaker tracking and presenter tracking. The digital zoom camera auto frames and traces the participants in the room to adjust and adapt according to the changes in the room.

Yealink UVC86 4k Camera

Auto Framing

The UVC 86 BYOD 4K camera tracks the people entering the meeting room and keeps track of the people count. It frames according to the changes occurring in the meeting space and produces an optimal frame to include everyone. It responds quickly, precisely reproduces every moment, and shows the best view of the meeting room.

UVC 86 BYOD 4K camera

Speaker Tracking

The Yealink UVC 86 4K camera and the beamforming technology in the microphones localize the audio source and adjust the image appropriately to do the speaker tracking. It carries out voiceprint recognition, identifies the speaker, and zooms in on the speaker. The digital zoom camera frames the speaker in real-time closeup, ensuring attendees are well engaged.

Yealink UVC 86 4K camera

Presenter Tracking

With built-in AI-driven features like Auto Framing, and Speaker Tracking, Yealink UVC 86 camera can carry out presenter tracking. It is a perfect solution in the online education scenario or during presentations. Traditionally, during a presentation or class, the movements of a presenter can be restricted by a steady camera capturing the session. The Yealink UVC 86 solves this concern by quickly tracking the presenter's movements and capturing the best- viewing angle of the presenter in real time. It exhibits a face-to-face intelligent & smooth video experience for all attendees.

Yealink UVC86 BYOD

UVC 86 Benefits

Yealink UVC86 Camera
Wide field of view, mechanical Pan-Tilt-Zoom reducing manual control
Yealink UVC86 camera
12X optical zoom, 90° field of view, and panoramic capabilities for better picture quality
Yealink UVC86 camera
Flexible deployment with various mounting options with Mounting hardware kit
Yealink UVC86 camera
Easy management via remote control or Yealink camera control plug-in software
Yealink UVC86 camera
Privacy ensured with protection cover for both cameras

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