Yealink ZVC640 Zoom Video Conference System

Yealink ZVC640

The Yealink ZVC640 Zoom Rooms system is a bundle of video and audio communication components that provides an immersive video conferencing experience for users in medium and large rooms. The bundle includes the UVC84 camera, the CP960 conference phone with integrated microphones, speakers, and a meeting console. It also has a Mcore mini-PC for integrated cable management.


4K Video Quality

The Yealink UVC84 features a 4K sensor and a 12x optical zoom to provide gorgeous video in medium and large rooms. The Auto Framing function enables the camera to recognize attendees and frame everyone automatically in the most appropriate view in rooms of any size. The auto-privacy protection design secures the safety of your meeting rooms.

Yealink ZVC640 Zoom Rooms Kit

Smooth audio experience

The Yealink CP960 Conference Phone features a built-in three-microphone array that ensures crystal-clear voice pickup from all directions within a six-meter radius. With Yealink's Noise Proof Technology, everyone in the room is audible—and by adding two CPW90 wireless expansion microphones, its voice pickup radius can reach up to 12 meters without additional cable connections.

Yealink ZVC640 Zoom Rooms

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

Yealink's one-cable technology eliminates traditional USB connections from the television area to the conference table area, thus simplifying deployment. The Yealink CP960 Conference Phone combines a microphone, speaker, and meeting console in a single package, decluttering the conference area connections. The meeting console of Yealink ZVC640 allows users to join the meeting, add participants, adjust volume, and control camera functions such as Pan, Tilt and zoom from a single device.

Yealink ZVC640 Video Conference Kit

Manage Your Devices Remotely

The Yealink Device Management Platform or cloud service can remotely manage Yealink ZVC640 Zoom Rooms Kits for quick and easy control of devices. It supports remote configuration, upgrading, and monitoring. Users can update the UVC camera driver and Yealink Plug-in for Zoom Rooms with Windows Update, enhancing the Zoom Rooms experience.

ZVC640 Zoom Rooms System

ZVC640 Benefits

ZVC640 Video Conference Kit
Integrated cable management system with Mcore mini pc
ZVC640 Zoom Rooms Kit
Easy and simple deployment, saving costs and promoting aesthetics
Yealink ZVC640 Zoom Rooms Kit Dubai
Supports audio scalability on integration with various audio devices
ZVC640 Meeting Kit
Efficient remote device management to keep track of device status

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