Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms System

Yealink ZVC860

The Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms system is a bundle video solution with a UVC86 dual-eye 4K conference room camera, MCore mini-PC, and MTouch II touch panel. Users can also select the VCM34 microphone array, VCM38 ceiling mic, or CPW90 wireless expansion mic with MSpeaker II Soundbar to work with ZVC860. The bundle solution brings a premium Zoom meeting experience by enabling users to interact, connect, and collaborate with internal and external users.

Yealink ZVC860 Features

Dual Camera System

The Yealink UVC86 is a dual-camera system with two built-in 4K conference room cameras. One camera provides a panoramic view to detect participants in real-time, and the other captures the best picture of everyone in the room. Empowered with a range of AI-driven features, including Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking, and Presenter Tracking, the UVC86 delivers an intellectual meeting experience in a large conference room.

Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms Video Conference Equipment

Personalized Audio Solution

The Yealink ZVC860 zoom rooms video conferencing system is designed to provide flexibility in audio solutions. Users can choose voice pickup devices like Yealink VCM34 microphones, VCM38 ceiling microphones, and CPW90 wireless microphones to meet their needs when setting up an audio solution.

Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms Video Conference System

Multiple Mounting Options

The MCore mini-PC is mountable on the wall or a conference table according to a room's layout. Also, in all Yealink ZVC zoom rooms systems, the MCore cable management solution integrates power and data cables into a single CAT5e cable connection, simplifying deployment and reducing deployment time.

Yealink ZVC860 Video Conference System

Content Sharing

Users can share content from their laptop to a meeting room's display with the Yealink WPP20. It enables single-touch content sharing in conference rooms. Everyone can choose between wired or wireless content sharing on the Yealink ZVC zoom rooms system according to their needs.

Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms System

ZVC860 Benefits

ZVC860 Video Conference Kit
Yealink ZVC series supports the Yealink Device Management Platform, which provides remote management capabilities.
ZVC860 Zoom Rooms Kit
AI-enabled features like Auto framing, speaker tracking, and presenter tracking.
Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms Kit Dubai
Compatible with all audio devices to provide a seamless audio experience
ZVC860 Meeting Kit
Yealink BYOD-Extender facilitates seamless integration between Zoom Rooms and other UC platforms.

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