Backup as a Service

Data loss happens all the time. It’s getting your data back safely and rapidly that is often a complicated process. AT GS-IT, we aim to engineer Backup as a Service (BaaS) solutions that take care of all your data backup and recovery needs without consuming unnecessary resources and time. We have been helping companies with backup and data protection for nearly a decade, using shared or dedicated cloud infrastructure to provide end-to-end BaaS Solutions to clients in Dubai. Our solutions deliver unmatched data and application backup services with the fastest SLAs for your hybrid IT environments.

We provide cost-effective, secure backup solutions, allowing you to pay-as-you-use so that you can customize our services to match your business needs. You can use our centralized portal to define policies as well as manage file and data backup services. Whether you need to restore a single deleted email or recover an entire system, you can use advanced features like granular search to recover without limit.

Modernize your data protection system with GS-IT’s industry-leading BaaS Solutions.


Backup & Disaster Recovery Dubai
Durable, Cost-Effective Backup

We provide reliable short-and long-term backup services for businesses of all sizes and help save management costs by eliminating the need for additional infrastructure.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Dubai
Scalable, Real-Time Database

You can use of security solutions to run granular detection and define role-based permissions for all your email workloads. We help automate responses against bulk-mail and give more control to your endpoint users.

Backup Solutions in Dubai
Block Fraudulent Activity

You can fully customize our BaaS solutions to match your workloads, paying only for what you use and easily up-scaling or down-scaling as you grow.

Backup Solutions in Dubai
Centralized Management

Use our central portal services to monitor, manage, and optimize your workloads and dictate access and security protocols for all your endpoint users.

Backup Solutions in Dubai
Ransomware Protection

We integrate our BaaS services with advanced security solutions to provide superior threat protection, minimize data loss, and eliminate downtime for your organization.

Backup Solutions in Dubai
Continuous Backup

Use our services to back up your data as often as you need. You can automate your workload backup and health reports to gain better visibility and overcome potential data loss.


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