Microsoft Intune

The cloud-based Microsoft Intune endpoint management system controls user access and makes it easier to handle apps and devices on all of your platforms, whether they are mobile phones, desktop computers, or virtual endpoints.

You can protect access to and data on devices owned by the organization and those owned by users. Additionally, Intune's reporting and compliance tools support the Zero Trust security model.

Microsoft Intune Products

Microsoft Intune allows administrators to control which apps are available on company devices while ensuring they adhere to corporate policies and guidelines. Endpoint analytics empowers organizations and provides insights into device usage and performance, enabling them to make informed decisions about their infrastructure needs. It improves the user experience by providing efficient solutions tailored to Microsoft Intune. The Microsoft Intune product family includes the following solutions:

Microsoft Intune Core Capabilities

Manage and secure cloud-connected endpoints across operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux.

Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management

Enable standard users to perform responsibilities normally assigned to administrators.

Microsoft Intune Advanced Endpoint Analytics

Aid IT administrators in comprehending, planning, and enhancing end-user experiences.

Microsoft Intune Remote Help

Enable cloud-based, secured interactions between the help desk and users.

Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management

Provides a less complex VPN option that doesn't require device enrollment for mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Microsoft Intune Management and Protection of Specialty Devices

Configure and secure your own AR/VR headsets, huge smart-screen displays, and conference room meeting equipment.

Microsoft Configuration Manager

Administer Windows PCs and servers, as well as other on-premises endpoints.

Microsoft Intune for Better User Experiences for a Hybrid Workforce

Microsoft Intune, the command center for endpoint protection, is a game-changing innovation. It boasts a zero-trust architecture that ensures secure access to corporate resources. Simplified administration guarantees less time spent on tedious tasks, freeing up valuable resources for more pressing matters. The cross-platform endpoint management feature gives administrators an all-in-one solution for managing different types of endpoints across multiple operating systems. Security crews will be empowered with data science and AI to increase automation, making it easier for them to move from reactive to proactive in managing endpoints and other security threats.

Benefits of Microsoft Intune

Multi-Platform Endpoint Administration

Across platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems, manage endpoints that are on-premises, in the cloud, mobile, desktop, and virtual

Endpoint Security

Through automatic threat identification and remediation, it lowers the chance of vulnerabilities affecting endpoints.


Manage the applications on devices, enabling administrators to distribute, manage, and secure mobile applications.

Endpoint Analysis
and Guides

Enhance user experiences daily using the app and device health scores. Using data-driven recommendations, you can reduce alarming productivity impacts.


Set up conditional access policies that determine when and how users can access corporate resources based on factors like device compliance and user location.


It allows administrators to remotely manage devices, troubleshoot issues, and apply updates without needing physical access to the devices.

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