ClickShare Wireless Presentation System

ClickShare Present is a wireless presentation device from BARCO. It works with the pre-installed meeting room display and joins a scheduled meeting. ClickShare Button provides a one-click meeting join. On connecting it to the BYOD device, all it takes is a Click. Click the Button and share content instantly.

The ClickShare Present is an inevitable device for wireless presentation. Plug in the ClickShare Button. It instantly creates a point-to-point contact in the background. Now, all room devices are available for the meeting.

It eliminates all the cable connections to the table area, providing an aesthetic workspace. All participants can have an equalized meeting experience, be it a small group meeting or an inter-team meeting. It requires no extra installations or drivers. It works the same way with all, be it an employee or a guest.


ClickShare C-5

The Clickshare C-5 is a wireless presentation device. It eliminates all physical connections at your conference table. All the cable connection is within the base unit and mounted behind the TV area. It includes full BYOD support for seamless content sharing. It is compatible with huddle, small, and medium meeting room spaces. Choose between the ClickShare App or Button to guide you through the process.

The Clickshare C-5 also offers enhanced security with remote cloud management. It works as a stand-alone presentation device. Being triple agnostic, it can work alongside the existing meeting room peripherals.

Get ClickShare C-5 for an enriched wireless presentation.


ClickShare C-10

ClickShare C-10 is an ideal wireless presentation tool. It initiates a steady meeting flow in medium and large-sized meeting rooms. With BYOD support and cloud management, the ClickShare Button is a praise-worthy device.

ClickShare C-10 is an optimal tool for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms meetings. It supports BYOD mode and is compatible with all meeting room devices. Plugging in the ClickShare Button creates access to all existing room devices. It helps to get started with the meeting in less than 7 seconds.

ClickShare C-10 ensures team collaboration with a coequal meeting experience for all participants.


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