Business Continuity Plan

GS-IT is an industry-leading provider of BCP services for all major industries in Dubai. We provide scalable Business Continuity Plans that not only help restore your key business operations in the aftermath of a disaster but also draw a detailed roadmap that identifies roles, responsibilities, and contracts during such an emergency.

Downtimes are costly and cause customer dissatisfaction. So, whether it’s a natural disaster, fire, or cyber-attack, we aim to keep your business running even after the primary service is down. Our team works with you to safeguard your critical data and keep your applications and workload online with the backup servers so that you can resume your everyday functions with minimal disruption.

GS-IT provides clients with fully customized Business Continuity Plans that work within their organization limit. We create solutions that are standard-compliant, reliable, and technologically adept - solutions that work with you to boost your team productivity and business growth.


All-in-One Recovery

You can use our central portal to configure and manage your backup, security protocols, user authentication, and automate failover response for all your network endpoints.

Easy Backup

Build easy to use backup solutions for all your critical workloads and applications and ensure complete data security whether on-premise or on the cloud.

Failover Consistency

Keep your organization’s performance consistent during a possible disaster and automate your failover protocols so that you can switch to a new server without any disruptions.

Reduced Cost

Our cloud-based recovery solutions help businesses create a seamless virtual work environment and eliminate the cost and complexity of maintaining a secondary physical data center.

Customized Recovery Plans

No matter how extensive your business workloads are, we help you customize and configure end-to-end recovery plans for multi-tier applications running across platforms and work environments.

RTO and RPO Targets

We help you determine recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objects (RPO) that suit your organization’s limits and optimize your recovery strategies for minimal business disruption.


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