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Power your network security with our modern Proxy server solutions. Our team of network specialists has over 10 years of experience in the industry. We use tested methods and the latest technology solutions to provide unrivalled proxy management services to clients throughout Dubai. You can easily integrate our proxy services with your existing security and VPN solution to deliver additional layers of security for your organization.

GS-IT is a leading provider of dedicated proxies for businesses in the market. We help improve your network performance, prevent data breaches, and provide anonymity to your users. Our advanced security solutions implement stricter policies over your proxy servers and ensure that all data is encrypted between the sender and receiver. There are no unnecessary additional costs, and our services are highly scalable, allowing you to pay as you grow and easily configure new users to your proxy server.

Get fully managed proxy services and infrastructure with GS-IT and facilitate secure web and application interactions on your business network.


Manage Internet Usage

Gain better visibility and control over how your employees use the internet and limit their activities while browsing insecure domains online.

Enhance User Anonymity

Easily gain access to otherwise restricted content or a location-specific content by creating proxy server addresses for those regions where the content is available.

Bypass Content Restrictions

You can fully customize our BaaS solutions to match your workloads, paying only for what you use and easily up-scaling or down-scaling as you grow.

Gain Network Speed

Improve your network performance and save bandwidth by allowing your proxy server to cache popular websites for all future usage.

Improve Security

Keep your network secure as well as private. You can easily manage access to your proxy servers and integrate them with the best-in-call firewall solutions.

Integrated Remote Management

You can manage your proxy servers centrally from anywhere, configure new devices, upgrade privacy and safety protocols, and gain visibility into user activity.


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