Microsoft SharePoint Document Management

SharePoint is a Microsoft web-based application that was rolled out in 2001 and allows businesses to store and organize any type of data and information. Documents, videos, data lists, web pages, and tasks be it anything, SharePoint is the one-stop shop for all of your critical data. SharePoint is often used as a web management application or as a content management application in small and medium enterprises, whereas SharePoint can be utilized as a wide variety of solutions.

SharePoint document management

SharePoint Intranet

As organizations expand, they confront a variety of obstacles relating to employee collaboration, knowledge sharing, document management, employee data storage, and other crucial processes. SharePoint is one of the most effective technologies for assisting businesses in establishing an approach for their content and document management system.

SharePoint Intranet helps businesses find information, share knowledge, work together, talk about possible problems, and make smart business choices. In the modern world, the company intranet is a place where employees can connect and work together better. The right intranet tool boosts productivity and makes it easier for teams inside and outside the company to work together.

SharePoint intranet

The following features help employees do more in less time:

  • Access and manage material like forms, policies, procedures, and other work tools.
  • Read and keep up to date on company communications like news, events, and posts.
  • And work together on a team or project.
  • Co-authoring of papers in real-time.
  • Meta-tagging makes it easy to find documents.
  • Microsoft 365 integrated apps (like Planner and MS Teams).

Uses Cases of SharePoint

SharePoint in an organization can help with numerous activities and here are the few solutions it provides for every medium to large enterprise to keep its different management aspects intact.

Document management

Document Management

  • Business document storage
  • Share files in the internal ecosystem
  • Find the files grouped by a specific tagging
  • Managing permissions and policies
Content management

Content Management

  • Building internal websites in organizations
  • Manage news, blogs, videos, etc. in the organization
  • Versioning and tracking of documents
Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

  • Running surveys and polls
  • Store best practices
  • Maintain virtual bulletin boards
Project management

Project Management

  • Share project information from teams
  • Tracking weekly tasks and other related tasks

Advantages of SharePoint

Cost efficient

Save Cost

Integration with Microsoft 365 provides a cost-efficient solution. Avoid wastage of money on third-party apps and productivity tools.


Scalable Solution

Scale according to the workload by modifying subscriptions to accommodate more resources and duties, and at times also switch to lower-paying plans if necessary.

Security integration

Integrated Security

SharePoint's advanced user rights and functionality management make it stand out. Companies can restrict site, list, and library access along with document viewing, editing, deleting, and other actions.


Seamless Integration

SharePoint is now integrated with Microsoft Teams and MS Flow, making it part of the digital workplace. SharePoint is now swift, user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and aligned with web standards.

Increased productivity

Increased Productivity

SharePoint sites are the ultimate game changer for document management. Organize and tag your documents to find them at the right time making faster business decisions.


User Personalization

With audience segmentation, SharePoint can provide each user, the content specific to their location, function or department, and seniority level with no effect on other permissions.

SharePoint consultancy

Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy

SharePoint stands as a versatile solution that seamlessly merges the capability to create custom applications and components. It empowers with dynamic teamwork, enabling users to co-author documents in real-time while upholding strict GDPR Compliance regulations. SharePoint consulting services help enterprises with the deployment and migration of their critical data into the SharePoint ecosystem to increase productivity, collaboration, and enhanced security. SharePoint migration consultants ensures uninterrupted SharePoint migration whether users are working remotely or on-site premises.

SharePoint implementation consultants study your requirements and deliver support and training on SharePoint's holistic approach, encompassing app development, collaborative editing, and remote access. Expert Microsoft SharePoint consultants can create custom SharePoint hub sites that your company can use as effective intranet solutions. Our advisors can effortlessly transfer the complete document library of your company to SharePoint, enabling them to examine every file present in the current system. Implement this indispensable tool for modern businesses and teams striving for efficient, secure, and location-independent document management and collaboration.

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GS-IT is the leading Microsoft SharePoint consulting company in Dubai, setting a high bar for excellence in the industry. As a trusted Microsoft SharePoint consulting services provider with a long list of successful projects and a deep knowledge of what Microsoft solutions like SharePoint can offer, we are the best choice for businesses that want to harness their fullest potential with modern technologies. Our hardworking team of professionals combines SharePoint consulting services with creative problem-solving solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. Together with our dedication to innovation and full suite of Microsoft services, like SharePoint implementation, customization, and support, we make the best partner for companies to improve collaboration, streamline processes, and achieve unmatched success in today’s digital landscape and beyond.

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