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Sophos is a leader in next-generation endpoint and network security provider with world class protection against sophisticated threats and data loss. Sophos provides security solutions to over 100 million users in 150 countries, earning validation with their unmatched expertise in the field. Their solutions safeguard all network endpoints, including laptops, virtual desktops, servers, email, and mobile devices. It specialises in a vast array of security solutions that emphasize endpoint communications, data encryption, network protection, email security, and unified threat management.

Its broad portfolio of devices protects against cyberattacks with threat intelligence powered by AI and machine learning. It also provides a central control console, Sophos Central. It integrates and manages all the components of Sophos' adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem. Sophos provides cybersecurity-as-a-service with security solutions specialized in endpoints, networks, email, and the cloud.

Certified Sophos Partner in Dubai

Elevate Your Cybersecurity with Authorized Sophos Partner

GS-IT with Sophos expects to deliver world-class security solutions to all small, midsize, and large enterprises. Being a Sophos authorized partner in the UAE, we assist you in implementing an optimum level of protection for your infrastructure by implementing the latest cutting-edge technology. With the specialist training provided in cybersecurity, our team of experts proactively analyzes your needs and provides all-in-one solutions compatible with your existing systems.

We are a reputed Sophos synchronized security partner, employing best industry practices to provide affordable integrated security solutions. We are also equipped for all related managed IT services, making us the best Sophos resellers in Dubai.

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Sophos Firewall

The Sophos firewall network security portfolio connects your contemporary, dispersed network at the network's periphery and its centre. Managed via the Sophos Central panel, it is synchronized and integrated to enable rapid threat discovery and response. The Sophos Xstream architecture safeguards your network against the most recent attacks. It offers the Xstream performance required to uphold today's varied, dispersed, and encrypted networks.

Sophos Endpoint

Sophos Endpoint is the security solution with advanced capabilities like Sophos Intercept X Endpoint, Sophos XDR, Sophos Workload Protection, and Sophos Mobile. It integrates with Sophos Central and provides access to manage your endpoint security from any place and time. Strengthen your defences with synchronized security enabling real-time intelligence sharing between endpoints and firewalls.

Sophos email

Sophos email is a cloud-based security solution safeguarding your enterprise email from spam, malware, phishing, and other social engineering assaults. Managed via the Sophos Central management dashboard, cloud-based email security solutions defend your organization from email-borne threats. In addition, it offers phishing simulations and security awareness to assist you in establishing a robust security culture throughout your firm.

Sophos Switch

Sophos Switch is an array of network switches providing high performance and security for modern business networks. They offer a variety of features, including VLAN tagging and link aggregation ensuring data transmission is efficient and reliable. Manage Sophos Switches using Sophos Central, a cloud-based management platform that provides a centralized view of network activity with easy configuration.  

Sophos Wireless Access Points

Sophos Wireless Access Points are reliable and secure devices providing seamless connectivity to wireless networks. Sophos APX series features advanced security features and secure encryption safeguarding against potential network attacks. With powerful management tools, easy configuration, and unified monitoring, they are an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes to enable secure wireless connectivity.

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