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GS-IT is a trusted provider of next-gen firewall solutions for businesses of all sizes in Dubai. Our high-performing firewall solutions are designed to future-proof your company's security system, both on-premise and on the cloud, so that as your business grows, our security solution grows with you. We provide full visibility across your organization, providing unprecedented threat management and deep insights into the activities, risks, and trends impacting your company network.

We have partnered with world-class firewall service providers such as Sophos, Cisco, and FortiGuard to help clients stop the latest ransomware and breaches with high-performance deep packet inspecting, including next-gen IPS, web protection, and app control, as well as deep learning technology and sandbox security. With our next-generation all-in-one firewall features, you can easily synchronize security protocols across your network and extend your firewall security to all your end-users.

Next Generation Firewall Partner Dubai

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Sophos Next Generation Firewall Dubai


Cisco Next-Gen Firewall solutions simplify security management, improve productivity, contain costs, and allow easy collaboration and mobility within your organization's network. They are unprecedented leaders in integrated network and security solutions. Cisco Secure Firewall equips your organization with world-class security control, consistent policy, and visibility. Their comprehensive threat protection and policies are easy to configure and deploy from a single unified platform.

Modern businesses work in hybrid environments, so Cisco offers firewall solutions that are easy to customize to match your business demands. Whether you are an SMB or a high-performing data centre, our firewall security solutions adapt and evolve to your network needs. You can also extend your security policies to your endpoint users with their public and private cloud security services.

With Cisco, you can achieve more value from your network firewall solution and strengthen the overall security approach for your organization.

Next Generation Firewall Partner Dubai


Sophos provides customers with easy-to-use, integrated, and centrally managed security solutions. Powered by SophosLabs Intelix, their industry-leading firewall solution actively protects your organization from the latest threat with services such as deep packet inspection and sandboxing. They aim to make your job easy by delivering fast and effective firewall solutions supported by the latest standards and point-and-click policy tools.

Sophos designs and delivers firewall solutions that are made to fit your business needs. Their all-in-one solutions provide unmatched risk visibility and proactive monitoring across even the most demanding distributed networks. These solutions are affordable, scalable, and simple to manage. Sophos Managed Threat Response also provides continuous data monitoring and analysis for all users on your business network. Sophos also provides top-performing hardware appliances, as well as flexible SD-WAN and VPN connectivity options to make connectivity easy and secure for you.

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Next Generation Firewall Solutions Dubai


A leader in Unified Threat Management, Fortinet helps organizations increase their firewall security with advanced solutions like Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Malware, Web Filtering, Antispam, and VPN support. They offer a flexible and scalable approach to network security, helping you manage and deploy a wide set of security components from a central control panel. They prioritize user experience, customizing end-to-end firewall solutions that fit your network security demands.

Next-gen Fortinet Firewall Solutions are powered by Security Processing Units (SPUs), providing SSL inspection, application control, and increased visibility across your organization. It enables network security from all kinds of internal and external threats, attacks, exploits. Fortinet has developed a Hyperscale firewall solution with a high port density to manage security risks for enterprises and high-speed networks.

Fortinet has a solution for everyone and enables seamless integration of your new firewall components into your existing security infrastructure.

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