Next Generation Firewall from GSIT

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, and traditional firewalls are no longer enough to protect organizations from cyber-attacks. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are the new generation of firewalls that go beyond the capabilities of traditional firewall solutions for businesses by incorporating advanced security technologies and features.

NGFWs provide more than just basic packet filtering and network address translation (NAT). They offer a range of advanced security features, such as intrusion prevention, application control, malware detection, and deep packet inspection. These features allow NGFWs to provide a more comprehensive and proactive approach to network security.

GS-IT is a trusted provider of next-generation firewall solutions for businesses of all sizes in Dubai. Our high-performing firewall solutions for businesses are highly scalable and adaptable to changing network environments. They can be configured to protect networks of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our enterprise security firewall solutions also offer the flexibility to add new security features as needed, such as virtual private network (VPN) capabilities or cloud-based security services that can enhance your enterprise security.

Next Generation Firewall

Our enterprise security firewall provides complete visibility across your organization, providing unprecedented threat management and deep insights into the activities, risks, and trends impacting your company network.

We have partnered with world-class next-generation firewall providers for firewall solutions that can stop the latest ransomware and breaches. We use high-performance deep packet inspection, including next-gen IPS, web protection, and app control, as well as deep learning and sandbox technology to provide end-to-end firewall protection for our clients. With our next-generation all-in-one firewall features, you can easily synchronize security protocols across your network and extend your firewall security to all your end-users.

Next Generation Firewall

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Bandwidth Control
& Monitoring

Control the bandwidth available for various sites, applications, and end-users. You can even allow specific applications and users to have priority and control when backups happen to create a seamless work environment.

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Oversee the data packets your computer sends and receives and filter any compromising content that has been forbidden or flagged. You can also prevent employees from accessing certain websites, improving your network's security and users' overall productivity.

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Stay updated about what's happening on your network with our next-gen solution. We provide real-time graphs that show what vulnerabilities or attacks are happening on your network, ensuring that the data collected by the firewall is simple and easy to digest.

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Internet Aggregation

Our firewall solution includes link aggregation and SD-WAN features for businesses that need multiple links to the internet. Connect your different branch offices or cloud services as one logical interface and enjoy a safe and seamless work environment.

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Powered by advanced sandboxing technology, the GS-IT firewall solution allows organizations to safeguard against all kinds of malware and zero-day attacks. Use the added layer of protection to “test” a system or file in a safe environment without putting your users at risk.

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Deep Packet

Examine and manage network traffic with the Deep Packet Inspection feature to isolate any suspicious activity. Our advanced setup allows clients to perform a deeper inspection of all incoming and outgoing traffic in real-time.

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Advanced Malware &
Virus Filtering

Expand the perimeter of your system defence mechanisms with our next-generation firewall solution. It includes features that allow you to scan encrypted traffic, such as SSL and TLS connections, to ensure complete security for your organization.

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Identity Management

One of the best features of our next-gen firewall security solution is the ability to integrate user access with single sign-on platforms, either directly or via a remote server. Use this feature to build a work environment where the safety of you and your users is paramount.

Why Antivirus is Not Enough for Your Protection

Traditional antiviruses offer detection-based protection, i.e., they can scan and detect threats once they are already inside your network. Due to the sophisticated nature of modern-day cyberattacks, this approach is not enough.

There are many sophisticated threats infecting the organization. It might infect your network even before an Antivirus can identify the threat. But a Firewall's multi-layered approach helps detect and filter a threat and respond even before it reaches the network. Modern Firewall solutions provide preventative security against malware and data theft, especially effective against possible ransomware attacks.

Next Generation Firewall from GSIT

Differences Between Traditional and Next-Gen Firewalls

Parameter Traditional Firewall Next-Generation Firewall (NFGW)
Stateful and Stateless Inspection Traditional Firewalls conduct stateful inspections of network traffic, filtering packets based on the packet’s complete context and providing greater security All NGFWs conduct stateful packet inspections but take it one step further
Application Visibility Provides partial application control and visibility Provides complete application control and visibility
OSI Model Layers Layer 2 to layer 4 only Work on layer 2 to layer 7
Decryption and Inspection of SSL Traffic Cannot decrypt and inspect SSL traffic NFGW can decrypt and inspect SSL traffic
Intrusion Protection System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) IPS and IDS are deployed separately IPS and IDS are integrated in NFGWs
Integration of Security Tools Security Tools are managed separately and can be very expensive Security Tools are integrated and reduce administrative costs
Application-level awareness Not supported NFGWs support application-level awareness, enabling them to inspect and control traffic to and from applications

Comprehensive Firewall Protection
Services with GS-IT

We at GS-IT provide intelligent next-generation firewall solutions, backed by machine learning and sandboxing technology, that can adapt and integrate with your existing infrastructure to give an end-to-end security solution.

GS-IT’s firewall solutions for business in Dubai help organizations-
  • Protect From Hackers
  • Monitor Network Traffic
  • Stops Malware Attacks
  • Maintain Consistent Network Speed
  • Enable Intelligence Application and Port Control
  • Block Access to Unapproved Websites
  • Enable VPN for multi-offices and Work-from-Home connectivity
  • Establish Multi-WAN function

Technology Partners


Cisco Next-Gen Firewall solutions simplify security management, improve productivity, contain costs, and allow easy collaboration and mobility within your organization's network. They are unprecedented leaders in integrated network and security solutions. Cisco Secure Firewall equips your organization with world-class security control, consistent policy, and visibility. Their comprehensive threat protection and policies are easy to configure and deploy from a single unified platform.

Modern businesses work in hybrid environments, so Cisco offers firewall solutions that are easy to customize to match your business demands. Whether you are an SMB or a high-performing data centre, our firewall security solutions adapt and evolve to your network needs. You can also extend your security policies to your endpoint users with their public and private cloud security services.

With Cisco, you can achieve more value from your network firewall solution and strengthen the overall security approach for your organization.

Sophos Next Generation Firewall Dubai


Sophos provides customers with easy-to-use, integrated, and centrally managed security solutions. Powered by SophosLabs Intelix, their industry-leading firewall solution actively protects your organization from the latest threat with services such as deep packet inspection and sandboxing. They aim to make your job easy by delivering fast and effective firewall solutions supported by the latest standards and point-and-click policy tools.

Sophos designs and delivers firewall solutions that are made to fit your business needs. Their all-in-one solutions provide unmatched risk visibility and proactive monitoring across even the most demanding distributed networks. These solutions are affordable, scalable, and simple to manage. Sophos Managed Threat Response also provides continuous data monitoring and analysis for all users on your business network. Sophos also provides top-performing hardware appliances, as well as flexible SD-WAN and VPN connectivity options to make connectivity easy and secure for you.

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A leader in Unified Threat Management, Fortinet helps organizations increase their firewall security with advanced solutions like Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Malware, Web Filtering, Antispam, and VPN support. They offer a flexible and scalable approach to network security, helping you manage and deploy a wide set of security components from a central control panel. They prioritize user experience, customizing end-to-end firewall solutions that fit your network security demands.

Next-gen Fortinet Firewall Solutions are powered by Security Processing Units (SPUs), providing SSL inspection, application control, and increased visibility across your organization. It enables network security from all kinds of internal and external threats, attacks and exploits. Fortinet has developed a Hyperscale firewall solution with a high port density to manage security risks for enterprises and high-speed networks.

Fortinet has a solution for everyone and enables seamless integration of your new firewall components into your existing security infrastructure.

Why Choose GS-IT as Your Firewall
Partner in Dubai, UAE?

At GS-IT, we provide the best firewall solutions for small businesses as well as big organizations. Choose from the best hardware firewall options in the market to provide enterprise-grade security to your organizational network. With a decade of expertise in the IT field, we bring multi-vendor partnership products that can be integrated with your existing infrastructure. We ensure our enterprise security firewall solutions meet industry standards and are certified by global regulatory authorities. We understand your needs with our team of professional consultants and streamline solutions according to your business requirements. We offer our solutions at economical pricing, making them cost-efficient for all tiers of business. With 24/7 support and product training, we deliver the best next-generation firewall solutions to maintain network security intact for your businesses. Choose the most effective network security solutions from reputed next generation firewall vendors.

Next Generation Firewall in Dubai

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