Yeastar Meeting Room Schedulers: Streamline Your Workplace

Struggling with cluttered meeting room schedules, double bookings, and wasted space? Yeastar's innovative meeting room schedulers and displays will revolutionize how your office manages collaborative spaces. Choose the perfect solution to keep your workplace organized and efficient.

Yeastar meeting room booking

Key Benefits

Effortless Booking

Effortless Booking

Book meeting rooms directly from the display, your calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar), or via Microsoft Teams.

Clear Availability

Clear Availability

Real-time status updates and LED indicators on the displays eliminate room booking confusion.

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Avoid unnecessary interruptions and maximize your meeting room usage.

Professional Appearance

Professional Appearance

Sleek designs and integrated customization to complement your office aesthetic.

Our Room Display Lineup

Room Display DS7510

Room Display DS7510

  • 10.1-inch E-ink touch screen
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Clear color LED status indicators
  • Support for QR codes and facial recognition check-in
  • Integrates with environmental sensors for data gathering

Room Room Display DS7310

  • 7.5-inch E-ink touchscreen
  • Cost-effective option for essential room booking
  • Multi-color LED lights for visibility
  • Compact and versatile design

Room Display DS7315

  • 7.5-inch E-ink display (non-touchscreen)
  • The ideal pick for high-traffic areas
  • Instant updates for precise room availability
  • Super easy installation and deployment

Use Cases

Yeastar meeting room for workplaces

Hybrid Workplaces

Guarantee effortless resource booking for onsite and remote workers, improving employee experience and team communication.

Corporate Offices

Optimize meeting room allocation, minimizing time wasted finding space, and ensure smoother meeting experiences.

Educational Institutions

Simplify classroom reservations and enable more focused study and teaching by ensuring accurate scheduling.

Healthcare Facilities

Enhance patient flow and staff coordination by ensuring meeting spaces and consultation rooms are booked correctly.

Why Choose Us?

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