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Embrace the future of work with GS-IT Virtual Desktop Services and enable your employees to work from virtually anywhere. Our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solution allows clients across Dubai to access a secure desktop environment over the cloud and keep their applications and data safe and compliant. We provide complete control over your work environment, helping you eliminate any threats to your endpoints and network. Secure desktops can be deployed or replaced within minutes, allowing your team to work without disruptions. You can also revoke access for a user without any trace and ensure complete security over your valuable business assets.

GS-IT DaaS Solution ensures high availability of your workload and enhances user experience across devices. You can patch applications and security protocols at once instead of doing it hundred times over. Our modern desktop solutions are safe, flexible, and highly customizable. We give you the freedom to be productive from anywhere while saving you money on infrastructure and licensing costs.


Built in security
Built-In Security

With virtual desktop and apps, you can store all your critical workloads directly on the cloud rather than on the device, reducing data loss risks.

Remote Access
Remote Access

Empower your remote workforce by allowing them to access and manage their virtual desktop and applications from a preferred device anytime, anywhere.

simple Deployment
Simple Deployment

With GS-IT, you can rapidly deliver apps and desktops to your end-users in an efficient manner and ensure seamless productivity.

Flexible Infrastructure
Flexible Infrastructure

Deploy and manage the desktop and application-related services easily, scaling up and down as you grow and paying only for what you use.

Fully Managed Services
Fully Managed Services

Our team manages your virtual desktop on your behalf, patching desktops with the latest updates and ensuring complete policy compliance for each user.

Full windows experience
Full Windows Experience

Enable your users to enjoy the effortless interface of a Windows OS and the full range of window applications and services from virtually any device.


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