Meeting Room Solutions

Modern Meeting Room Solutions have evolved to support different room sizes and participant numbers. We at GS-IT offer advanced solutions that help you overcome the usual technical problems faced during online meetings. Our expert team custom-designs your entire conferencing infrastructure, equipping your staff with fully integrated devices with a cloud-like work environment so that it’s easy for them to present, collaborate, and share. We provide easy management solutions for your company managers, partners, or meeting presenters so that it’s easy for them to monitor and coordinate with everyone from a single screen.

Our solutions help improve the audio-visual quality of your online meeting with wide-angle cameras, ultra-sensitive microphones, and AI-driven technology. Work with GS-IT to create an inclusive and reliable experience for all the participants in your online meetings, and never miss out on what is being said during a meeting.

Solutions For every room

Large Room Solutions

We set up clutter-free coverage for all your cameras, speakers, and microphones with our large room solutions. It provides easy management and simple touch control systems for the managers, partners, and presenters.

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Medium Room Solutions

We deliver super-wide field-of-view and crystal-clear voice clarity with our medium room configuration. Features like auto-framing and expansive mic array allow all participants to be heard and seen.

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Small Room Solutions

We configure your small meeting rooms with best-in-class solutions and provide AI-powered controls, HD video quality, and clear, room-filling sound quality for all your team meetings.

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Personal Space Solutions

We help create a seamless BYOD solution for your team meetings, allowing any desktop, whether on-premises, mobile, or remote, to collaborate and share with other devices on your secure business network.

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Our solutions

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Video Conference( Online Meeting)

We integrate AI-powered technologies with proven industry expertise to create productive spaces for your internal team meetings. Our solutions help you connect multiple devices into a single, smart display screen, allowing the presenter to save, analyze, and record the data, as well as share it with others.

We improve your meeting experience with interactive smart screens, retractable monitors and mics, meeting room schedulers, and Application based interactions.

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Internal Presentation

We design and deploy the best video equipment and systems for your virtual meeting room or space. Our meeting solution provides a simple, reliable experience to all your meeting participants, making it effortless for you to host, present, and manage a meeting, no matter where you are.

You can continuously maintain a high video and audio quality with GS-IT's Online Meeting Solutions and provide your employees with assured safety and easy collaboration tools.

Working seamless with these platforms

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Microsoft Teams

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Webex by Cisco

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Solution Features

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Wireless Meeting Room Solution

Eliminate the needs for messy cable setups in conference and board rooms with our cross-platform wireless meeting solutions. You can stream content wirelessly from your device onto the main screen with just a click.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

GS-IT Meeting Room Solution provides universal BYOD compatibility for your business meetings. Participants can join a meeting room using their device, on-premises or remotely, and collaborate without any hassle.

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Interactive Display (Whiteboard)

We provide a fast, smooth, and simple-to-use interface for your digital whiteboards, helping you brainstorm ideas with your team in real-time from anywhere, anytime.

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All-in-one Design, Easy Deployment

We provide clients with all-in-one modular design solutions that include built-in cameras, microphones, speakers, video codec, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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Wide range Audio Pickup

We provide you with ultra-sensitive mic pods that pick up every sound to create more immersive meeting rooms.

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Backed with AI Technologies

Our AI-empowered meeting room solutions allow the audio and video features to adjust according to each participant’s quality and location.

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Multiple Screen Projection Methods

Discover fast and easy content sharing and collaboration tools with our wireless screen projection methods.

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Unmatched Sound

With our clear, room-filling sound solution, you can make sure that everyone in the meeting is heard without echo or distortions.

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Panoramic View

Use our high-quality, wide-range video solutions for exceptional optical accuracy and clarity, no matter the size of your meeting room.


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