Enterprise Mobility for
Seamless Management of Mobile Workforce

Enterprise mobility is all about delivering flexible solutions for users to connect with business networks and access relevant data from anywhere. With GS-IT's enterprise mobility security suite, you can use smart, cloud-based mechanisms to secure, identify, and manage the mobile workforce. It gives complete control over all authorized devices, providing easy tracking and remote data management across all endpoints. GS-IT has partnered with various industry leaders to deliver such unparalleled mobility solutions for businesses in Dubai.

Enterprise mobility solutions

GS-IT's Advanced Enterprise
Mobility Management Solutions

GS-IT's enterprise mobility services enable workforce mobility by streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Giving organizations control over the secure management of mobile devices used by employees, to ensure their compliance with policies, regulations, and confidentiality.

Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

It is the process of setting up policies or regulations for a particular application to have control over its usage and to only allow access to authorized users for pro-active data protection.

Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Share and manage data related to businesses through mobile devices while having control over who can access or transmit this data, facilitating optimized performance through flexible and secure operations.

Identify and Access Management

Identify and Access Management (IAM)

IAM services enable the management of user identities and access rights like who, when and where can have access to corporate apps and data, enhancing security and compliance.

Features of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Secure User Access

Secure User Access

Advanced mechanisms like user authentication, by integrating various identity traits, ensure authorized access across diverse business applications.

Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience

Intuitive and hassle-free operations with features like multiplatform support, in-app notifications, offline functionality, etc., boost the productivity of users.

Improved Collaborations

Improved Collaborations

Real-time communication and information sharing between network users help remote and mobile teams connect and collaborate securely for optimized results.

Simplified Management

Simplified Management

Solutions crafted to protect the integrity of IT environments and help manage data security, mobile applications and devices across all network endpoints.

Integrated Security

Integrated Security

Industry-leading encryption technology that ensures workloads across devices, removable media, and cloud environments remain confidential and secure.

Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Configurate and update GPS settings for detection of the real-time location of corporate devices or a BYOD setup when they are unavailable or have gone missing.

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GS-IT's enterprise mobility consulting services are integrated, identity-driven security solutions that protect and secure networks from advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious actions across on-premises and cloud environments. Being one of the leading enterprise mobility companies in Dubai, our services also help in automatically configuring all the applications and policies on a new device to optimize business productivity. Embrace the hybrid workspace culture with GS-IT's enterprise mobility solutions in Dubai and empower the workforce with adaptive and advanced, built-in technologies.

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