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GS-IT has a team of highly experienced, friendly professionals working to provide cost-effective, secure, and scalable IT AMC in Dubai. With our fast and reliable IT AMC Services and Solutions, you can access a range of services, from outsourcing single element support to full infrastructure updates.

Whether its system security, support, or maintenance, we tailor our IT AMC solutions (to scale and budget) for businesses everywhere in Dubai. Our clients from across the field - commercial, manufacturing, leisure, and public sector - use our IT specialists to regulate an efficient and proactive work environment.

For almost a decade, GS-IT has managed to offer professional and commercially viable IT AMC services in Dubai. These services are easy to use and provide full coverage for all your future IT AMC-related inquiries/issues.

Our IT AMC Service Features

IT AMC Support Dubai
Guaranteed 10-minute Response Time for Expert Support

Our expert engineers work on your IT issues within 10 minutes

IT AMC Solutions Dubai
24/7 Monitoring and Fully Managed IT Support

Our professional team monitoring your IT network, to ensure lasting efficiency and quick solutions whenever required.

IT AMC Solutions Dubai
Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring

We proactively apply patches, updates and fixes in the background, so you don’t have to wait for actual issues arise.

IT AMC Solutions Dubai
IT Manager and Dedicated Engineer Support

With our IT AMC solutions, a dedicated manager and engineer ensures that all your legal and regulatory requirements as well as responsibilities are met to avoid any future risk to you or your business.

IT AMC Solutions Dubai
Cybersecurity and IT Policies

We implement a system-side security strategy to protect your IT business network from security risks such as malware, spam, intrusion, etc.

IT AMC Solutions Dubai
Data Backup and Recovery

Our IT AMC solutions ensure year around backup and recovery services that are tailored to your business scale and data requirements.

IT AMC Service Benefits

IT AMC Support Dubai

Protect Your

IT AMC Support Dubai

Minimize IT

IT AMC Support Dubai

IT security

IT AMC Solutions Dubai

Reduce IT

IT AMC Services

GS-IT Platform

A single portal to manage your IT environment

IT AMC Services
Ticket Summary
IT AMC Services
IT Asset Management
IT AMC Services
Backup History
IT AMC Services
IT Security and monitoring

IT AMC Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Priority Impact Remote Support Onsite Support
Total Network / Server Down Immediate Immediate
Issue affects partial systems / Peripherals 15 –30Mins 4 –6Hours
Issue affects 1 or 2 systems / Peripherals 30 –45Mins With in 8Hours


Why GS-IT ‘s IT AMC Services and Solutions in Dubai?

Getting IT AMC Support from Us is Simple!

  • 1
    Get in touch with us

    Simply give us a call on +971 4 578 6518 or contact us using our quick and easy online form

  • 2
    We talk

    You'll get to speak to our IT support engineers to discuss your business goals to ensure our service is a perfect match for your business

  • 3
    You get IT support

    You pay a fixed monthly amount based on your user count and benefit from unlimited support, administration and consulting

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Arrange a free IT Consulation : To find out how GS IT can help your business to succeed, speak to a member of our expert team. You can call us on +971 4 578 6518, email, or send us a message using our online form.

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  • 01. What is an IT AMC and What can it Cover?

    An IT AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a service level agreement between an IT service provider and your organization. Our IT AMC designs help support high-quality IT performance and boost the overall workspace environment. The services included can differ depending on the terms of your contract, but mostly includes remote support, dedicated IT engineer, and periodic system check-ups, as well as regular IT system report and training.

  • 02. What are the devices included in your IT AMC support?

    GS - IT provides professionally managed IT support for all your office IT infrastructure - PC, Laptop, Server, Switches, Router, Printer IP Phone, CCTV, Biometrics devices among other IT peripherals.

  • 03. Do we have a IT AMC Agreement?

    GS IT offers both monthly and yearly IT AMC contracts. Once the plan is drawn according to your needs and receives your confirmation, both parties will sign the agreement. All the terms and conditions are clearly stated under the agreement documents.

  • 04. What will GS-IT IT AMC services involves?

    GS-IT has various AMC contract options that are personalised to your business needs. Some of the IT AMC services provided under these agreements include :-

    • Unlimited remote support
    • Dedicated IT engineer and on-site visit/ consultation
    • Periodic IT audits and training
    • Monthly reports and preventive maintenance
  • 05. How do I contact the GS IT help desk for IT AMC Support?

    Consumer satisfaction is a top priority for the GS-IT team. For professional IT AMC support

    • Use our 24/7 Chat support or
    • Call us on our helpline number
    • Email us at @

    You can also use our ticketing tool to put in a request for remote support of all IT peripherals.

  • 06. Do we have a dedicated It manager and engineer?

    GS-IT has multiple IT AMC packages that are tailored to suit different business models. Most of these packages include a dedicated IT manager and engineer for on-site or emergency IT support. These requirements are easily personalised for the IT AMC you choose.

  • 07. Can I upgrade or downgrade my IT AMC service?

    You can easily scale your IT AMC services according to the changes or developments of your business

    By using our remote support services, you can set up a call to discuss your options with our team.

  • 08. How do I know I really know we need IT AMC Services/Contract?

    Server lags and overloaded devices cause significant loss in IT performance, affecting the overall productivity of your organization. With IT AMC services, highly trained professionals run a regular background check-up on your systems as well as provide remote and personalized IT support and maintenance. These IT AMC contracts easily scale to match your business needs, making them cost-effective and hassle-free.

  • 09. How do I set up a remote access session?

    Our remote IT support is easily accessed by simple and secure help desk tools. The support center sets a direct meeting with you and instructs you through the process.

  • 10. Is my information and data confidential?

    Client privacy and security is foremost in all our services. As part of our IT AMC agreement, we prepare and sign confidentiality forms to guarantee the safety of your critical data and assets.

  • 11. Can we get report every month?

    Our IT AMC, the dedicated manager and engineer provides monthly report about the health of your IT infrastructure, Ticket summary, IT Security and monitoring, IT Asset Management and Backup History to the authorised focal point of your company.

  • 12. Do you cover multi location offices?

    Yes, our IT services and support is provided across UAE.

  • 13. What About the Drawbacks?

    There is an argument to be made that paying of ongoing and preventive maintenance is redundant. It wastes your time and money on problems that are non-existent at the present. But the same argument can be used in support of using an IT AMC. These maintenance checks prevents any future system delays and loss of data, boosting productivity and creating a safe physical as well as virtual work environment.


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