Video wall solutions

GS-IT has evolved over the past decade to develop near-seamless, 4K video wall display solutions for businesses in Dubai. Whether you need a video wall for your control room, conference room, or digital signage, we work with you at each step to customize our services to match your demands.

Our video wall solutions are modular, using advanced technologies like LCD panels or LED tiles to integrate your screens into a single, high-resolution canvas. These displays can be any size and aspect ratio you want. Our LED wall designs help improve your content visibility, whether mounted indoors or outdoors, and provide impactful displays that instantly grab the attention of your intended audience.

We at GS-IT build video wall solutions that are cost-effective, highly scalable, and offer comprehensive support services throughout the lifetime of your video wall installation. Transform the way your employees and customers interact with your video display with our all-in-one video wall solutions.


Seamless Display

Create a near-seamless HD displays with your Video Walls and configure the LCD or LED panels into a single, impactful canvas for your content.

High Resolution

Build displays with endless resolution capacity and zoom the source image according to your need without losing display clarity and content details.


We customize budget-friendly video wall solutions that are scaled to match your needs without compromising on the quality of your display.

Design Freedom

We provide clients with a wide range of canvas design option, giving you the freedom to determine features like the image size, location, rotation, shading, cloning, etc.

Content Management

Use our cloud-based tools to manage your content sources and connect to the display. You can control what is displayed, when and where it appears, and how it looks.

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