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GS-IT is a team of highly qualified experts with over nine years of experience in various disaster recovery solutions in Dubai. We provide fully managed disaster recovery for your business-critical data, applications, and systems, both for on-premises and cloud environments. You can easily integrate our disaster recovery plan with your existing security protocols and manage it from a single interface.

We aim to make disaster recovery planning to be simple and hassle-free so that your IT operations are back on track without delay. Powered by advanced backup and security technology, our DR solution supports the complexities of your IT environment and customizes objectives to meet your business requirements and continuity strategy.

Get automated, cloud DR from GS-IT and give your whole organization access to innovative DR backup and disaster solutions that meet industry standards.

Disaster Recovery Solution in Dubai


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We work with you to understand your business setup and conduct a complete network assessment to identify your critical workloads and design a recovery plan accordingly.

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Suitable RTO

We customize your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) strategies to match your business constraints, including budget, resources, data, and technology.

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Faster and Safer

Our backup technologies offer shorter recovery times, and they also meet all the standard security compliance requirements.

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Continuous Data

We proactively manage and protect your hybrid work environment with our advanced, fully integrated security features so that, no matter what happens, your critical operations are always safe.

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Boost business productivity with our automated failover services. You can switch your workloads to a cloud DR backup server or a virtual environment within mere minutes and work with no disruptions.

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Automate your key disaster recovery scenarios and recover your critical operations in the right order to obtain the best business uptime and performance.

How Disaster Recovery Solutions
Can Benefits Your Business

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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss can occur at any time in an organization due to human error or technological failure. These unanticipated events, hacks, and even natural disasters might damage your data storage capabilities. Without a disaster recovery planning, it becomes challenging to address these abrupt network issues. By retaining a storage unit with the same configuration at a different location and having a proper strategy in place, it is easier to address problems. You can reduce business interruptions and minimize data loss by having a comprehensive DR solution.

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Minimize Downtime

Disasters can often result in massive downtime, wherein companies, without a proper backup and disaster recovery solutions, lose profits because employees can't return to their day-to-day operations until systems are backed up. A DR Solution designed and tested to fit your organization allows your business to continue operating with minimal disruption. The goal is to get you back on track with as little downtime as possible.

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Training and Preparation

It is not enough to have a good IT disaster recovery solution in place. You must train your staff to implement it in case of a disaster. Quick action means fewer delays and faster recovery times. It also lowers the general anxiety levels that follow a disaster and gives your team clear steps to follow when such an event does occur.

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Customer Satisfaction

All business requires a quick action plan to reduce downtime, followed by a critical incident. They rely on expert advice in such times to keep their business running with minimal operational issues. An IT disaster recovery plan should cover all the potential accidents and their mitigation processes to get the business back on track. Proactive detection and response can build a positive reputation and increase customer loyalty.

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Restoration of services

A backup and disaster recovery solution enables you to restore all mission-critical services to their normal state as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster or unfavorable circumstances. You can use the recovery time objective (RTO) to determine how long it will take to recover your systems, services, and applications with minimal delays in the aftermath. Put a well-defined DR solution in place to drastically reduce the time taken by your organization to restore its service and return to day-to-day operations.

IT disaster recovery solutions are critical to the success of any business. Whether you face a natural disaster, hardware failure, data breach, or ransomware attack, you can use the right tools and DRaaS protocols to recover your data quickly. At GS-IT, we help you customize and manage your DR plan to match your organizational requirements. With the personalization of DR solutions, you can test your team's response protocol and establish the best recovery times for your business.

How Are Disaster Recovery Solutions
Different from Backup Solutions?

Backup Solution DR Solution
Create and store backup copies of the original files to be used as and when needed. It results in the long-term archival of your data. Enables businesses to quickly restore operations and avoid downtime during a disaster. It effectively maintains a functional copy of your IT system on standby.
Backups help you overcome host failures, small cyberattacks, accidental data deletions, and hardware failures. DR Solution prepares for a natural disaster, hardware failure, data breach, and ransomware attacks.
Longer RTOs and RPOs make backups unsuitable as a contingency plan during a disaster. DR Solutions are built to match your scope of needs and, thus, have much shorter RTOs and RPOs. As a result, you can reliably restore your operations in a much shorter time.
Most backups are stored in a compressed state that doesn't take up much storage space. For a DR solution to work, it needs to have its own separate site and fully integrated infrastructure.
Backup solutions can cover servers, workstations, and mobile devices. DRS’s scope of service can include all of an organization's business-critical systems and servers.

GS-IT Disaster Recovery as a Service Solution

Disaster recovery as a service, DRaaS is a cloud-based solution that allows you to back up your data and IT infrastructure in a third-party cloud computing environment. So, you can use the SaaS solution to get faster and better access to your data and operations.

We at GS-IT help to set up a DRaaS solution that mirrors a complete infrastructure in fail-safe mode on virtual servers. So, when the disaster hits, you can continue your operations without delay using our cloud and hybrid work environments. It may feel like nothing happened at all.

With DRaaS providers like GS-IT, you can easily perform encrypted data transfer, offsite replication, emergency recovery, and maintenance with Disaster Recovery as a Service solution. You can purchase our DRaaS plans as a pay-per-use model, allowing you to pay for our services only when needed. You can also scale our DRaaS services to match your company's needs and budget.

Why is DRaaS the Ideal Solution for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses?

Not all of us have the time and resources to research, plan, and fully test disaster recovery plans for our organizations. With a reliable DRaaS solution, you don't have to worry about setting up your own off-site disaster recovery environment. Instead, you can leave your IT disaster recovery planning in the hands of experts.

DRaaS provides a whole range of benefits for small to mid-sized businesses, including:

  • Reduced Disaster Recovery Costs:
    DRaaS helps eliminate the additional cost of hosting a secondary infrastructure and in-house disaster team.
  • Reduce Complexity:
    You can leave all the planning, implementation, and management to third-party experts and focus on what's important to your business.
  • Achieve Interoperability:
    The DRaaS solution can work with dissimilar systems, making it easier to work across environments and providing a full range of recovery options when disaster strikes.
  • Provide a comprehensive DR solution:
    DRaaS providers, like GS-IT, provide end-to-end services, ensuring that when a disaster strikes, you are ready with a DR solution that works seamlessly with business limits and needs.

Why Should You Choose GS-IT as Your
Disaster Recovery Service Partner?

Disaster recovery is an important component of the business continuity plan. To keep the business running with minimal downtime, it requires years of expertise in the field. With a decade of experience and an in-house group of trained professionals, GS-IT delivers the latest technology-adapted backup and disaster recovery solutions for data protection. Disaster recovery being the main component of data protection, we deliver highly reliable and intellectual solutions that act immediately during an emergency like a device malfunction. Our solutions deliver overall visibility, automated cloud-based disaster recovery, and continuous data protection. We provide tailor-made solutions to their business needs that can fit businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are compatible with existing security solutions and impart visibility and management through a single interface.


Don't wait until there's a problem! Choose a Disaster Recovery Solution That Ensures Business Continuity.

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