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GS-IT is a team of highly qualified experts with over 9 years of experience in Data Backup and Protection services in Dubai. We provide fully managed Disaster Recovery Solutions for your business-critical data, applications, and system, both for on-premise and cloud environments. You can easily integrate our disaster recovery plan with your existing security protocols and manage it all from a single interface.

We aim to make your recovery process simple and hassle-free so that your IT operations are back on without delay. Powered by advanced backup and security technology, our Disaster Recovery solution supports the complexities of your IT environment and customizes your recovery objectives to meet your business requirements and continuity strategy.

Get automated, cloud-based disaster recovery solutions with GS-IT and enable innovative, standard-compliant security services for your entire organization.


 Comprehensive Assessment
Comprehensive Assessment

We work with you to understand your business and conduct a complete assessment of your network to identify your critical workloads and design a recovery plan accordingly.

Disaster Recovery Services in Dubai
Faster, Safer Recovery

Our backup technologies offer lower data loss and shorter recovery times and meet all the standard security and compliance requirements.

Disaster Recovery Solutions
Automated Failovers

Boost business productivity with our automated failover services. You can switch your workloads to a backup server or a virtual environment within mere minutes and work with no disruptions.

Disaster Recovery Dubai
Suitable RTOs Targets

We optimize your DR solutions for high availability and customize your RTO and RPO strategy to match your business limits, including budget, resources, data, and technology.

Disaster Recovery Service Dubai
Continuous Data Protection

We proactively manage and protect your hybrid work environment with our advanced, fully integrated security features so that no matter what happens, your critical operations are always safe.

Leading Backup Services Dubai
Recovery Protocols

Automate your key disaster recovery scenarios and recover your critical operations in the right order to optimize your business uptime and performance.

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