GS-IT brings the best-in-class video conferencing solutions to your huddle and conference rooms, allowing participants to collaborate better and accomplish more. Designed to fit all room sizes and team types, our video conferencing products provide clients with instant, high-quality HD connectivity, auto-framing, speaker tracking, and automatic lens control. We make it easy for you to scale our solutions to match your needs and provide support throughout the lifetime of the products.

Our solutions offer more flexibility, smarter cabling, and expanded coverage for all your meeting participants. We help deploy our video systems across multiple worksites and to your mobile/remote users. Our solutions also support device management, quality monitoring, and application configuration to ensure continuous productivity.

Use GS-IT's video conferencing solutions to make your meetings seamless, productive, and fun.


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With enhanced camera technology incorporated with video conferencing systems, you can frame and track the participants as they enter the meeting room. It efficiently tracks the number of participants in the meeting room and frames them efficiently.

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HD Video Experience

The new intelligent camera technology helps to achieve high resolutions video feed during meetings and conferences making it a real-time experience for remote participants.

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Wide-range Audio Pickup

A wide range of Microphones are added to the Video conferencing solutions suite to enhance a wide range of audio picks for small-to-large rooms, optimizing your audio experience. Real-time voice transcription, translation, and Cortana voice assistant are other features that enrich your meeting experience.

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Noise Cancellation

Intelligent audio analysis with massive deep-learning and AI technology extracts voice, eliminating unwanted noise produced in the background. It is tried and tested for a series of unwanted noise lists and stored in the sound database so that they can be eliminated using AI noise-proof algorithms.

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Speaker Tracking

The new AI-based camera technology in video conferencing tracks the speaker in the room and adjusts automatically, reducing the manual control over it. It also exhibits a new feature – when in Conversation Mode, it automatically switches between the speakers in conversation and shows them in a single frame as long as the conservation lasts.

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Presenter Tracking

With AI-based Presenter tracking, you can conduct seminars, training, and other extensive meetings with ease. In this version, the presenter's movements are not restricted as the camera tracks every motion of the presenter using dual camera technology. This provides a better experience for both the presenter and the attendees.

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Smart Gallery

Smart Gallery Feature in video conferencing solutions provides three feeds of the live meeting video, one displaying a panoramic view of the meeting room, and another two with the individual view of the current and last speakers. Multi-focus and Picture-in-picture modes are other features added to the solution.

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Content Sharing

With an advanced video conferencing solution, it is possible to share your content online. It is adaptive with both wired and wireless content-sharing modes. Wireless sharing is done by plugging a dongle into the PC without any distance restriction. On the other hand, it also supports USB-C/HDMI wired sharing.

Solutions For every room

Large Room Solutions

Large Room Audio-Video Systems with sophisticated devices like multiple cameras, ceiling microphones, speakers, and other devices for various meeting platforms are available. Deploy smart technology audio-video systems in large rooms for business-client meetings, investor meetings, or any extensive meet-up that requires better picture clarity, smooth audio delivery, and easy management.

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Medium Room Solution

We provide a modular video conferencing system for medium rooms, accommodating around 7-11 attendees in a medium-sized room. Get exceptional voice quality and smart optimal zoom features so everyone in the room can collaborate confidently and clearly. Our meeting room solution combines AI features to deliver a seamless experience.

video conferencing solutions

Small Room Solutions

We deploy VC solutions for Small Rooms accommodating a team of two to ten attendees. These solutions help you monitor and manage meetings with ease. Embedded with new-gen technologies, meeting bars incorporated with a camera, built-in speakers, and wireless microphones achieve a real-time face-to-face meeting experience.

video conferencing solutions

Huddle room solutions

Video conferencing Solutions can be configured to huddle rooms with two to six people. They help you manage meetings and tasks with ease. These solutions are easy to configure and cost-effective as deployment charges are less. It features cameras, built-in speakers, and microphones to carry out a flawless meeting experience.

video conferencing solutions

Our solutions

USB Cameras & BYOD Kits

BYOD video conferencing connects participants to corporate meetings through personal devices like laptops. It consists of Cameras, Speakerphones, and other devices. With the easy plug & play setup, connect your devices to BYOD boxes and finish deployment with one-wire technology to save time for implementing great ideas.

Zoom Rooms Kits

Zoom Room offers easy-to-use video conferencing solutions that provide a pleasant experience for all. Zoom Room kits provide zoom certified all-in-one meeting bars, high-end camera systems, microphones, speakers, mini pc, and other devices which can be integrated according to the room's desirability to enjoy an interactive meeting.

Teams Rooms System

Teams Rooms offers a full range of teams-certified VC systems for use with Microsoft Teams. It includes premium voice and video quality certified devices deployed by one-wire technology. With sophisticated devices and AI technology, it provides a comprehensive Teams room experience.

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Video conferencing solutions are popular among students and faculties. It has been the major connecting solution for students, faculties, and administrative staff in this hybrid era. The new-gen AI features like speaker tracking and presenter tracking allow you to engage with your audience on a whole new level.


Telehealth has revolutionized the way medicine is being delivered across the globe. One doesn't have to travel across town in person and wait forever in the queue to get a doctor's consultation. Video conferencing solutions contribute to higher virtual patient analysis rates, remote access, and reduced travel needs.


Video conferencing Solution is a powerful tool for financial institutions to develop empowered collaboration across branches, lead campaigns, and conduct client meetings with bank-grade security. It helps in empowering communication between employees, customers, and partners uniting via video conferencing to drive business operations.


Video conferencing solutions allow companies to keep their teams together, irrespective of their location. It helps the different groups involved to stay connected, share content and communicate up to date, to eliminate time management issues, and lower travel expenses. It helps in promoting company competitiveness in the market.

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  • 01. What’s video conferencing?

    Video conferencing is an online technology that allows users in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to a single location together. This technology is particularly convenient for business users in different cities or different countries because it saves time, expenses, and hassles associated with business travel. This transmits text, audio and video over the internet via a platform. Uses for video conferencing include holding routine meetings, negotiating business deals and interviewing job candidates.

  • 02. What are the main types of video conferencing?

    There are two types of video conferencing: point-to-point and multipoint conferencing systems. With point-to-point conferencing systems, two people in various locations can collaborate and communicate. Multipoint conferencing systems can ease communication and collaboration for three or more people located in separate places.

  • 03. Why does my business need video conferencing?

    Video conferencing is transforming businesses all over the world in nearly every industry. Companies have relied on web and audio conferencing to collaborate for too long. Video conferencing is more productive, cost-effective and more engaging than any other form of technology. That is why it is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

  • 04. How does video conferencing save my business money?

    High-definition video conferencing allows productive collaboration between two or more parties, no matter where each of them are. Individuals no longer need to travel great distances to meet one another. Making important business decisions can now occur over video, which provides the same face-to-face quality as a meeting in a conference room. Not only was this former method inefficient, but it was also incredibly expensive. Travel saving is important, but the biggest benefit is in the time saved and the increased productivity.

  • 05. Can anyone share documents or edit documents in real time?

    Yes. Anyone in a meeting can share his or her screen to show a presentation or bring up a document to edit and update in real time. As a result, video conferencing can really streamline everything from training seminars to informal status meetings.

  • 06. What Are the Types of Video Conferencing Software?

    It all depends on your needs and what features you want to see from your web-conferencing tool. Here is a list of video conferencing solutions you can look at:
    The first system is the Telepresence Video Conferencing System. It has multiple screens or monitors that are arranged in a way to ensure everyone feels like they’re attending the meeting in person. Desktop Video Conferencing System is the second type you should know about. In this system, all the hardware and software are built within the desktop or laptop. Room-Based Video Conferencing is the last system you need to know about. For this system, the video conferencing technology is built-in to the room.

  • 07.What kind of solutions should I use?

    Most laptops and monitors come with built-in cameras. For meeting room spaces, there are video conferencing systems and cameras that are specifically designed for small huddle rooms, conference and boardrooms and large auditorium spaces.

  • 08. Which Platforms are used for Video Conferencing?

    Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet

  • 09. Can Echo cancelation is possible?

    Our expert team will inspect the room and make the necessary arrangements to cancel the echo and all the audio disturbances.

  • 10. How to choose the apt video conferencing Solution?

    As a leading IT solutions provider company, GS-IT has an expert team that will inspect the meeting room and assess the size, the acoustics etc. Then we will provide the solutions according to the expert advice to optimize.

  • 11. What about the price range of Video conferencing solutions?

    The first step is expert teams visit to find the best solution and only after that we could finalize the video conferencing solutions. We offer the best and most competitive prices for our video conferencing solutions.

  • 12. What are the major industries we serve?

    GS-IT a trusted IT solution company in UAE, we have provided video conferencing solutions to Government Offices, Multinational Corporates, Schools, Small businesses etc.

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