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Start Exploring GSIT's CCTV Solutions: Comprehensive Systems for Businesses and Homes

CCTV systems have become integral to the security infrastructure of businesses and homes alike. GSIT stands out as a leading SIRA-approved CCTV company in Dubai that offers advanced solutions across the UAE. The significance of CCTV surveillance lies in its ability to proactively monitor and address risks such as crime and liability issues. These cameras serve as visual barriers and provide valuable evidence for investigations and claims.  Additionally, features like remote monitoring and instant alerts add to its effectiveness thereby enhancing the overall security strategy.

Different Types of CCTV Cameras Customizable
As per Requirements

Motion activated cameras

Record only when motion is detected, efficient storage use.

Motion Activated Cameras

Bullet cameras

Weatherproof for outdoors, clear imaging, long focal lengths.

Bullet Cameras

Dome cameras

Compact design for indoor use, vandal-proof housing.

Dome Cameras

PTZ cameras

Pan, tilt, zoom to cover wide areas, high resolution.

PTZ Cameras

IP cameras

Modern network cameras for seamless integration, high-quality images, remote access.

IP Cameras

Thermal cameras

Detect temperature differences, work in zero light conditions.

Thermal Cameras

Night vision cameras

Provide video in low light or no light conditions.

Night Vision Cameras

Box cameras

Rectangular design, suitable for specific areas like ATMs, with adjustable lenses.

Box Cameras

Speciality cameras

Explosion-proof, medical-grade, solar-powered, designed for challenging environments.

Specialty Cameras

Key Features of CCTV Camera Installation

Cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Store your videos securely online and access them from anywhere.

Heat mapping

Heat Mapping

See where customers move in your space visually, helping you understand traffic patterns.

Watch live or recorded

Mobile Viewing Apps

Watch live or recorded videos on your smartphone or tablet with easy-to-use apps. 

Smart alerts

Smart Alerts

Get smart alerts based on specific rules you set, making it easier to monitor your space effectively. 

Advantages of CCTV Systems 


Continuous Monitoring & Recording

Capture and save every moment for security purposes. 

Save insurance

Lower Insurance Costs

Save money on insurance by investing in advanced CCTV systems, showcasing a commitment to security which can lead to potential cost reductions.

Instant notifications

Instant Alerts

Receive immediate notifications for security threats, enabling quick responses to suspicious activities. 

Crime prevention

Prevention of Crime & Theft

High-quality cameras act as deterrents, discouraging criminal behavior and safeguarding property and assets for a safer environment. 

Increased efficiency

Increased Employee Efficiency

Monitor employee actions to promote a productive workplace and discourage unauthorized behavior using CCTV systems. 

Remote access

Convenient Remote Access

Easily access CCTV footage from anywhere at any time, maintaining connection and control through mobile viewing apps.


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Why Choose GS-IT?

As a SIRA-approved CCTV solution provider in Dubai, we excel for several reasons. Firstly, our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in designing and setting up CCTV solutions. Secondly, we customize our services to fit the specific needs of each client because we understand that everyone's requirements are different. Thirdly, we prioritize customer satisfaction, aiming for a smooth experience from the initial consultation through installation and ongoing support. Lastly, our solutions meet the highest standards of quality and comply with all local regulations.

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