ClickShare Wireless Conferencing System

Clickshare Conference is a meeting room solution. It allows one to run a hybrid meeting from one's laptop. It is an agnostic, wireless, and handy solution for a stress-less intuitive meeting experience.

It enables one-click meeting joining with calendar integration. It starts conferencing within seconds without any fussy cable connections. It reduces the cable mess on the conference table, providing an aesthetic workspace.

ClickShare conference is a wireless conferencing platform for streaming hybrid meetings. It is helpful to connect teams working across the globe. It features an option called Conference View while sharing presentations online. It provides a side inlet view of the remote participant during the presentation, promoting face-to-face interaction.


CX -20

The CX-20 provides seamless one-click wireless conference capability. It can start a meeting from the user's device with any UC platform according to individual choice. It is a perfect tool for remote collaboration among team members across the globe. All AV peripherals and UC platforms are compatible with CX-20.

It promotes entire BYOD and BYOM support for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms. The Calendar integration and PresentSense detection help to ease a meeting join.

It is accessible with the ClickShare button and the app. The Smart Flow and Host Flow provide guidelines for the users on starting a conference. CX-20 facilitates enterprise-grade security with cloud management facilities.


CX -30

ClickShare CX-30 consists of two ClickShare buttons and one base unit. It is compatible with all audio-video peripherals and UC platforms. Use the device on any operating device and switch between UC platforms with CX-30.

The base unit connects all meeting room peripheral connections. It is mountable in the TV area, away from the conference table. It completes the physical connections in the meeting room.

Connect CX-30 to the laptop to access all the existing meeting room devices. ClickShare CX-30 is accessible using either the ClickShare buttons or the desktop app. It provides guidelines for all participants through Smart flow and Host Flow features.


CX -50

The CX-50 is a premium wireless presentation system. It induces inclusive participation in large meeting rooms. CX-50 renders a seamless meeting experience in boardrooms for seminars and training. It facilitates the finest conferencing experience with AV integration.

CX-50 has meeting flow features with the ClickShare desktop app. The PresentSense, Smart meeting flows, and Host flow guide users during the meeting flow. Calendar integration helps to start meeting from your calendar. It is accessible with both the ClickShare button and the desktop app. It provides enterprise-grade security and remote cloud management.

CX-50 provides the utmost meeting experience for remote and internal participants. It provides interactivity features like annotation, touchback support and blackboarding.


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