Device Encryption

GS-IT employs market-leading device encryption tools to help organizations encrypt and manage laptops, mobiles, and other remote devices on their business network. Our solutions prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data in case of loss, damage, or theft, as well as allow you to monitor device health and user activity across your organization in real-time. Your IT admins can use our advanced services to lock and encrypt a device remotely, such as in case of loss or when a user is no longer allowed access to the device.

Cheap, smart, and scalable - our full device encryption solutions are easy to set up, compatible with different platforms (Windows, iOS, Linux, etc.), and centrally managed through a cloud-based portal. We aim to make device security simple and hassle-free.


Disk Encryption

We provide easy-to-setup full-disk encryption solutions for you so that no matter what happens to your device, your data is always secure.

Centralized Control

Use our centralized cloud-based console to manage security protocols for all your endpoint devices and remotely change permissions for specific users.


Use our advanced security tools to better monitor and manage all your endpoints so that you always know what is happening on your business network.


Our solutions comply with all industry standards and help companies verify which of their devices are encrypted in case of loss or theft.

Secure File Sharing

Gain industry-leading security tools with GS-IT and confidentially share your business-critical data and applications without unauthorized third parties getting access to it.

Smart Set-up

We build device security solutions that are easy to set up and automatically configured, allowing users to secure their devices within minutes.


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