Intercom Systems

GS-IT Intercom System is an open standard solution built for better communication and security. We provide intercom systems and products for buildings and worksites across Dubai. Our solution can be installed as a point-to-point intercom system or integrated with your existing access control system. Whether you need to broadcast a message, manage door access, or communicate instantly within the office premises, we design cabled and wireless intercom systems to match your exact needs.

We bring you the industry's latest intercom systems with efficient design, high performance, reliable, and water-resistant systems. Depending on your needs and preferences, we equip your Intercom system with surface or embedded door panels, handset or hands-free indoor units, audio-only or audio-video inputs.

All our solutions are easy to configure and manage. Our team of professionals will work with you at each stage to optimize the cost of installation and ensure seamless integration of the new equipment with the old systems.


Convenient App-based Control

Use your phone to enjoy a range of features, including video calling and remote door control, so that you can communicate with your systems from anywhere.

Integrated Access Control

We can easily integrate our Intercom System with your existing Access Control setup so that you can transition without causing any unnecessary delays.

Authorized Door Entry

Gain a higher level of control over who has access to your premises. Connect your intercom systems with the audio/video monitor stations on your doorways.

Complete Communication System

Instantly connect with your employees, visitors, and maintenance staff across the perimeter of your organization with our end-to-end intercom system setup.

Centralized and Remote Monitoring

You can use an advanced monitoring system to monitor and control all your intercom systems from a single screen, anywhere in the world.

High-quality Products

We equip your intercom system with HD cameras, seamless displays, high-quality microphones, and speakers to never miss out on what is happening within your premises.

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