Endpoint Security

In the modern work setup, with people working remotely and on their mobile devices, the limits of your work network are stretched beyond specified spaces. With GS-IT's industry-leading Endpoint security solutions, you can extend your firewall protection to all users and centrally manage security and access protocols for all your network endpoints. We believe in creating security solutions that are simple, smart and scalable. GS-IT team uses nearly a decade of experience in the industry to help detect, contain and resolve even the most sophisticated cyber threats on your behalf.

At GS-IT, we create simple, smart and scalable endpoint security solutions that provide 24/7 monitoring and response to clients across industries in Dubai. We use powerful AI technology, EDR services and deep learning tools to deliver fully-featured enterprise-grade endpoint security solutions so that you are never less than prepared against zero-day threats and security frauds.

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Endpoint Security Feature  - Zero-day Attack Protection

Zero-day Attack Protection

Leverage our threat intelligence and behavior analytics to detect, isolate and block all ransomware before it can spread through your business network and cause harm.

Endpoint Security Feature  - All-in-one Solution

All-in-one Solution

With our integrated endpoint solutions, you gain a wide spectrum of endpoint security services without the hassle of learning and managing several complex applications.

Endpoint Security Feature  - Synchronised Services

Synchronised Services

With GS-IT endpoint security solutions, you can easily synchronize and share information in real-time so that threats are quickly identified and resolved accordingly.

Endpoint Security Feature  - Extended Security Solution

Extended Security Solution

We help develop sophisticated endpoint solutions that incorporate multiple security products and data sources to deliver unmatched visibility and security for your organization.

Endpoint Security Feature  - Real-time Visibility

Real-time Visibility

Use our centralized solutions to identify the high-risk users and suspicious activity on your secure business network and manage your endpoints anywhere, anytime.

Endpoint Security Feature  - Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response

Our automated EDR services monitor your endpoints for security events, send quick alerts and assist with threat isolation and remediation.

Endpoint Security Feature  - Fully Customized Security

Fully Customized Security

Our advanced endpoint solutions are made to fit your needs, easily integrating new tools with the existing services without disrupting your workflow.

Endpoint Security Feature  - Cloud Security Products

Cloud Security Products

Stop cloud breaches with the monitoring, management and control of cloud cybersecurity and breach prevention solutions from GS-IT for multi-cloud and hybrid configurations on a single platform.

Premium Features

Endpoint Security Management

Technical Risk

Discover vulnerabilities and protect your endpoints before a breach happens. Our Technical Risk Assessment improves visibility into your network's applications, accessibility and account management by providing full context surrounding network traffic and security holes. Detecting vulnerabilities and missing updates allows you to find and protect your endpoints before a breach happens.

Managed Endpoint Security


A Compromise Assessment is intended primarily to detect current and previous attacker activity across your endpoints. The GS-IT services team offers years of experience in tracking down and reacting to the most complex incursions by the most advanced attackers across the world. The Falcon platform is used, as well as unrivaled cyber threat information and 24/7 attack detection.

Enterprise Endpoint Security


The Incident Response (IR) team collaborates with companies to handle important security breaches and forensic investigations, fix immediate difficulties and provide a long-term solution to prevent recurrences. Our staff is laser-focused on bringing firms back to business as soon as possible while dramatically lowering the financial effect of an event.

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