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Conferencing Systems

Yealink offers a range of business video conferencing systems, including BYOD and camera sets and BYOM VC systems for
platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These are scalable and efficient solutions for any company size.

Yealink USB Cameras & BYOD Kits


Bring your own device (BYOD) mode of video conferencing is a kind in which participants connect to a corporate meeting through personal devices, such as smartphones or laptops.

Yealink offers a range of BYOD and camera sets for business video conferencing to post you at a cut above the rest.

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Yealink Microsoft Teams Room Devices


The Microsoft teams certified solutions use high-quality automatic PTZ cameras, Wireless Speakers, and Microphones. These gadgets deliver AI-enabled features. The new noise-proof algorithms and acoustic shields help in producing crystal-clear audio eliminating unwanted noises in the background. The management of VC solutions is made easy and simple with a mini pc and a touch panel.

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Yealink Zoom Room Kits


Yealink builds its full Zoom-certified product suite to ensure participants a seamless Zoom experience with consistent product designs and high-quality hardware at an affordable price. The new features like device management and wired content sharing reflect the proof of scalability and zest to provide a complete user experience.
Yealink provides multi-purpose solutions, including all-in-one Meeting Bars with webcam, microphones, and speakers and customized bundle solutions with 4k cameras, touch panels, and microphones based on the meeting room size.

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Yealink provides a range of solutions efficiently managing your daily meetings in a huddle room to carry out daily meetings and tasks with a team of 2-6 people.

Yealink Video Conferencing System Dubai


Yealink offers VC solutions for Huddle to Small Rooms with about a team of 2- 10 attendees. These solutions help you monitor and manage meetings with ease. Embedded with new-gen technologies, meeting bars incorporated with a camera, built-in speakers, and microphones achieve a real-time face-to-face meeting experience.

Yealink Video Conferencing Solution Dubai


Accommodating around 7-11 attendees in a medium-sized room requires high video and audio quality to ensure individual involvement in the meeting and that their sound input is differentiated and identified.

The new solutions developed by Yealink have considered this and designed new combinations by incorporating technologies like Auto framing, Voice recognition, and Speaker tracking that deliver a seamless meeting room solution to the world.

yealink video conferencing device dubai


Medium to Large Rooms is conference rooms that house 10-20 people. These meetings would be business-client meetings, investor meetings, or anything extensive that requires better picture clarity, smooth audio delivery, and easy management.

The Yealink video conferencing systems helps to configure the meeting spaces according to requirements with the latest AI technologies like automatic cam control, participant tracking, speaker tracking, noise-proof technology, and many more features that can successfully engage a bigger audience.

yealink meeting room video solutions


With an increased number of attendees, 20 participants or above, it is tedious to engage the audience and successfully conduct a meeting, seminar to a virtual class. But there is a growing audience for hybrid culture, which calls for better video conferencing solutions.

With Yealink’s high-end product solutions you can effectively tackle this scenario. The 4k video facilities, wireless microphones, and interactive user interface makes it a suitable match for hybrid culture. The solutions with new generation technologies like a dual camera system, Speakers with a noise-proof algorithm, and AI features like auto framing, speaker tracking, Presenter tracking, Voice recognition, and transcription make it a perfect partner meeting room solution.

yealink meeting room solutions

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GS-IT- The Authorized
Yealink Video Conferencing Solutions Partner

Yealink is a global leader in video conferencing, voice communication, and collaboration solutions. GS-IT, premium partner of Yealink, provides a fully customized and integrated video conferencing system for meeting rooms. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large meeting room, we offer the best, most innovative Video conferencing solutions that fits the client’s needs and helps to create a seamless meeting experience.

GS-IT being Yealink video conferencing system partner in Dubai provides all-in-one meeting room solutions certified by Zoom and Microsoft teams, adaptable by almost all UC platforms. These solutions can be custom designed according to the meeting room size. Video conferencing systems consists of different meeting bars and bundle solutions comprising HD cameras, specially designed speakers, microphones, mini pc, and touch panels to fine-tune your VC solutions according to specific needs.

We coordinate with you to list your requirements, cross-verify with a site survey to audit meeting room requirements and suggest the appropriate solution that delivers high-quality video, high audio quality with voice transcription, and other features to experience a smooth meeting experience.

As an authorized partner of Yealink video conferencing devices, we provide you with complete support and annual maintenance on all products after the successful setting up of the meeting room.

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yealink video conferencing solutions


With the growing remote culture, every industry is picking up the pace to include digital methods to upscale them. The finance industry has marked a hype in digital financial channels. Financial services are rapidly evolvin and gaining an audience that requires a more efficient and secure interaction.
Financial video conferencing scenarios can range from Personal Offices, Consultant Meetings, and Plenary Training Rooms. Yealink’s video conferencing solutions provide convenient communication among employees, customers, and partners anywhere, irrespective of time, and help them develop empowered collaboration across branches and even conduct client meetings with bank-grade security.

Yealink video conferencing devices in dubai


Video conferencing solutions have been the major connecting solutions for students, faculties, and administrative staff in this hybrid era. It has popularised the online education scenario. Video conferencing solutions bridge the time constraints and geographical restriction shaping a new form of the education system.
Yealink’s video conferencing solutions allow communication through intuitive video experiences in scenarios like Hybrid teacher training, Live teaching sessions, and administrative meetings. It also includes new-gen AI features like speaker tracking and presenter tracking to indulge in a better class or seminar experience.

Yealink meeting room video conferencing Solutions


Telehealth is a rapidly emerging opportunity. Everyone would have made use of remote medical help at least once during this pandemic. The global pandemic has changed the view of telehealth service delivery. It has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine to deliver personalized care even to remote areas with a virtual meeting with the doctor. Yealink's solution contributes to a higher hybrid patient analysis rate, remote access, and reduced travel needs.
It also becomes helpful in scenarios like remote surgery, joint consultation, timely care and attention rooms, seminar presentations, and administr ative meetings for doctors.

yealink video conferencing solutions


The manufacturing industry experiences many short livings as various teams are situated in different parts of the globe. There is a constant need for traveling between these places to carry out the functions efficiently. These increases travel expenses and time management issues. This tedious process directly affects the competitiveness of the company.
Yealink tend to solve this problem with the high-quality camera with 18x optical zoom, and wireless plug-and-play content-sharing video conferencing solutions. These solutions keep the teams tight knit and pass the information precisely. Remote training can be provided, and the sessions can be recorded locally for future use.

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