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Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s web browser, which replaced the Internet Explorer browser that earlier got shipped with Windows. Microsoft Edge brings a new face to the simple and intuitive user interface and increased performance. With revamped productive features, it helps in accomplishing actions quicker and surfing more easily.

Microsoft Edge for Business, specially built for enterprise leverages the latest Chromium engine, and is an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes. With its robust set of features, MS Edge Business provides businesses with a faster, more secure, and more intuitive browsing experience. It includes advanced security features such as Microsoft Defender, which helps protect against phishing and malware attacks, and potentially isolates risky websites and apps to prevent them from accessing sensitive data. Microsoft Edge for Business is a powerful and reliable web browser providing businesses with the security, productivity, and performance features they need to succeed in this competitive world.

Microsoft Edge

Zero-Trusted Security
for Your Network

Microsoft Edge Business brings together the latest security features that make it unique from other solutions. Microsoft has designed various security features to keep your business safe and secure from modern-day threats. With features like Zero-trust ready browser, and Microsoft Edge, protecting sensitive data against phishing attacks becomes easier and more efficient.

Microsoft Edge Business

Block Threats
to Stop Data Loss

Microsoft Edge Business supports built-in features like Microsoft Defender solution to stay active against phishing and malware attacks. It helps organizations to ahead of cyber-attacks by detecting malicious behaviour in and around the networks, tracking down the threats, and remediating threats safeguarding your assets from data loss and exfiltration.

Microsoft Edge Prevents Data Loss and Block Threats

Dual Engine
Capability with IE Mode

Microsoft Edge exhibits dual engine mode, and it has built-in compatibility with IE mode sites and apps. This helps you to access IE-based sites and apps even though IE11 has retired officially It simplifies and streamlines the usage of a single browser for all current and older sites. It also guarantees a secure browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge: Dual Engine Capabilities with IE Mode

Improve Productivity
And Save Time

Microsoft Edge for Business features functional dashboards for remaining organized with Microsoft 365 files, calendars, and other resources. It helps in saving time searching for internal people, files, and data. Microsoft Edge also exhibits this new feature of organizing tabs and going vertical in case of saving some space in an organized manner. It also helps to manage multiple profiles easily.

Improve Productivity with Microsoft Edge for Business

Elevate Your Experience with New Workday Features

next generation firewall sophos


With the best business browser remain organized and see more on your screen- switch to vertical tabs and manage tabs from the side of your screen.

sophos next gen firewall

Sidebar +

With Outlook built into the MS Edge business tab, you can quickly read or write an email while working in the browser without switching to the app or a new tab.

sophos firewall


Microsoft Search makes it easy to find people or files in the organization you’ve been working on. It saves your time and makes it more effective.

sophos sd red


When a tab is not in use in Microsoft Edge Business, the tab goes to "sleep." This frees up system resources and improves the speed of your computer.

sophos virtual appliance

Work mail

Sign in and make a work page with your work email in Microsoft Edge to get SSO, customizable settings, and other Microsoft features.

ngfw sophos


Quickly take a snapshot of your webpage in full or in part, annotate it with a pen or a touch device, and mark your comments easily.

Access Microsoft 365 apps in a single place. Open a new tab in Microsoft Edge, the apps page will display the free Microsoft 365 apps menu.

ngfw sophos

PDF Reader

Microsoft Edge has a built-in PDF viewer. Highlight, edit, add text and more—even utilize Read Aloud to listen to PDFs like a podcast.

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