Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM service that eliminates the complexity and cost of monitoring active threats with AI analytics. It provides a central, real-time view of all security logs and signals across your apps, services, infrastructure, networks, and users residing on-premises or in the cloud. The AI technology leverages Microsoft Threat Intelligence to analyze trillions of signals every day with refined models exhibiting decades of security experience. It alerts you to anomalous events and provides a list that requires immediate attention.

Azure Sentinel to Microsoft Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is rebranded as Microsoft Sentinel. With Azure's bird's eye perspective dashboard feature, track real-time events. The advanced threat intelligence capabilities help identify attacks on your data by mapping malicious traffic patterns in seconds for easy analysis. Furthermore, the investigation tools assist in finding the root cause behind potential threats. Seamless integration of Azure Portal and Microsoft Sentinel helps integrate platform features like Dashboard and Data Analytics to uncover hidden insights about your cybersecurity posture.

Microsoft Sentinel Use Cases

Azure Sentinel can be used to analyze security events in both cloud and on-premises environments. The main uses of MS Sentinel are:

  • Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
  • Log Data Reporting
  • Detection and Alerting of Anomalies
  • Examining Security Incidents
  • Proactive Threat Investigation
  • Automatic Reaction to Security Event Triggers

Benefits of Microsoft Sentinel

Leverage Microsoft Intelligence to Strengthen Your SOC

Utilize cutting-edge AI, top-notch security knowledge, and extensive threat intelligence to maximize your SecOps.

Identify, Examine, and Decide on Suitable Action

With an integrated set of tools for identifying and incident response, you can keep ahead of ever-evolving threats.

Cut Down on Your Overall Cost of Ownership

A cloud-native SaaS solution will help you get started more quickly while lowering infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Gathering Data on a Cloud-Based Platform

Built-in data connectors make it simple to connect your logs—across all users, devices, apps, and infrastructure—both on-premises and in various clouds

Avoid Being a Target

With built-in entity behavioural analytics and machine learning, you can get additional behavioural and contextual data for threat hunting, investigation, and response.

Streamline Your Threat Inquiry

MS Sentinel is conducting a multi-stage incident investigation. Investigate related warnings and explore past data to visualize the entire spectrum of an assault.

Automate Routine Processes, Improve Reaction Time

To improve security operations center (SOC) productivity, use automation rules to triage issues quickly and automate activities with built-in playbooks to save time.

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