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Information is critical for all businesses. We at GS-IT create technologically advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to locate, analyze, and protect your sensitive data in real-time. Our AI-powered solutions are cloud-delivered and integrated across platforms, providing full protection for the data available at all endpoints, on the network, and in the cloud. We employ advanced technologies like deep learning and fingerprinting to keep your data secure against accidental mistakes, attacks, and insider risk, as well as enforce smart visibility and enforcement throughout your organization.

Our solutions are scalable, easy to deploy, and proactively supported. We provide a central dashboard so that you can easily analyze all outbound data and identify high-risk behavior across all channels. We also help you accurately classify sensitive information and promptly respond to any security breach based on urgency.

Gain complete control over data transmission and user behavior with GS-IT DLP solutions and satisfy company-wide user compliance with our built-in policies. Never again worry about what is yours.


Early Threat Detection

Our AI-powered DLP solutions are self-learning, using data gathered from user analysis, deviations and network anomalies, and security reports to prevent all zero-day attacks.

Hybrid Data Protection

Gain complete control, management, and visibility of your data flow across physical and virtual environments. It helps define your workspace perimeter and secure it with our all-in-one solutions.

Periodic Reports

Identify and isolate a threat before it can cause damage. Automate your daily reports and gain better insights into risky user behavior, vulnerable endpoints, and common network threats.

System Control

Over 500 file types are recognized by our preventative content analysis, which makes sure that private and delicate information is never written to external media.

Simple Configuration

We create user-friendly DLP solutions that can be configured across different devices and platforms, making it easy to deploy and manage security protocols from a central control portal.

Real-time Alerts

Get instant incident alerts whenever someone tries to infiltrate your network or a user violates your security protocols. Use our central portal to manage and monitor all security alerts from anywhere.

Control of Traffic

Minimizes the risk of purposeful or unintentional data loss by monitoring traffic and managing the flow of data across more than 100 channels.

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We protect
companies against insider threats


Confidential information is shielded from sharing with unauthorized parties through data loss prevention. Control your company's data flow conveniently from one location.

Data Discovery and Classification

Find out where your sensitive data is stored or transmitted, keep it in the limelight, and never allow it out of your sight.

Insider Threat Detection

Identify insider dangers and quickly reduce the risk to your sensitive data. For effective protection, quick action is essential.

Standard Compliance

It is possible to implement extra tracking or control mechanisms after deciding which data is covered by the relevant rules. Also make quarantine, archiving or other legal requirements possible.

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our solutions?


All aspects of data security and insider danger are covered by our solution. We comprehend the risk associated with internal data as specialists with almost twenty years of experience.


Productivity should never be compromised. The time-to-value of our solution is unmatched, and neither the IT department nor the staff is burdened with extra work.


On all endpoints, devices, major operating systems, the cloud, external borders and internal zones, we secure data.

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We are skilled at eliminating the errors that people make. We will take care of everything so you can get back to work.

Our Technology

In IT infrastructure, GS IT employs advanced and innovative, one-of-a-kind and cognitive technologies.


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