Barco is a leading company in networked visualization solutions. It brings you impactful and productive solutions. It initiates brainstorming within organizations and deliver insightful visual product line. Barco believes in translating data into insights and delivering profitable solutions from them. They focus on supporting society with products that can shape a smart workforce.

It offers future-proof solutions with scalable industry design. As a supporter of sustainable development, it is reducing the carbon footprint of its products. It will be a milestone in its sustainable development journey.


GS -IT Collaborates with BARCO

GS-IT is one of the leading video conferencing system providers in Dubai. We bring an inventive product line that makes your lives less complicated.

GS-IT partnered with BARCO to deliver the latest meeting room technologies. BARCO solutions are intrinsic wireless meeting room solutions, making your meeting spaces efficient. It connects the meeting room peripherals within seconds. All you need to do is click to join.

GS-IT associates with BARCO to bring this wireless technology to your doorstep. Customize solutions according to your room requirements and make your business productive.

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Wireless Presentation System

ClickShare Wireless Presentation is an ideal tool for internal team meetings. It is a value-added unit in Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. It works as a standalone presentation unit and co-exists with pre-installed solutions. It provides a digital signage display when no meeting is live. ClickShare App, Button, or screen mirroring can start content-sharing.

The prime advantage of having a ClickShare Present is that the base unit is mountable behind the TV area. It houses all the meeting room connections, thus providing a clean conference table. Use the ClickShare Button and access all the meeting room peripherals with a click. Get started with meetings in less than 7 seconds with Clickshare Present.


Wireless Conferencing System

ClickShare Wireless Conference is the best solution for connecting remote and in-house participants. It promotes teamwork, wireless content sharing, and robust security in meeting rooms.

It is triple agnostic, i.e., compatible with any devices, UC&C platforms, and AV peripherals. It converts any meeting space (small or large) to a wireless video conferencing room. It connects to a meeting in seconds by accessing the existing room peripherals. Its Smarflow feature provides an intuitive meeting room experience and guides the users. The Digital signage displays the status of the meeting room and other information.

It connects to the meeting room peripherals and realizes content sharing. The Conference view also tracks the user when sharing the content. ClickShare Wireless Conferencing System is the face of the next-generation meeting experience.

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