Microsoft Priva

The biggest threat that organizations and individuals face today is personal data breaches. With modern vectors seeking comprehensive solutions to contain the risk, Microsoft has rebranded and modernized its privacy management to come up with Microsoft Priva. To help administrators understand privacy issues and associated risks in their organization, Microsoft Priva helps organizations discover personal data automatically and provides key analytics and insights.

Microsoft Priva is a groundbreaking platform designed to safeguard personal data and construct a privacy-resilient workplace. With an unwavering commitment to protecting user information, Microsoft has identified critical privacy risks and conflicts that can arise in the digital landscape. This comprehensive approach allows individuals within the organization to become guardians of privacy while simultaneously fostering a culture of responsible data management.

Microsoft Priva Products

The Microsoft Priva product suite consists of two products, namely

Microsoft Priva Risk Management

Microsoft Priva Risk Management is a comprehensive solution built to proactively discover, evaluate, and counter potential risks connected to organizational data and information assets. It offers an extensive set of tools and functionalities to offer businesses insights into likely risks and vulnerabilities and create effective risk management strategies. With this platform, organizations can recognize key privacy dangers and conflicts, streamline risk mitigation processes to avert privacy incidents, and empower employees to make smart data-handling choices. It offers centralized risk tracking and reporting capabilities for organizations to have a precise track record of their risk management tasks.

Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests

Microsoft Priva Subject Rights makes managing requests for personal data easy and secure. It automates the process, ensuring that personal information is discovered while also identifying any conflicting or sensitive data related to the request. Collaboration becomes seamless as teams can review and protect files within a secure environment, maintaining privacy. Microsoft Graph APIs enable integration with existing privacy tools, whether they're in-house or from third parties, ensuring a comprehensive privacy management system. With Microsoft Priva Subject Rights, businesses can confidently handle subject rights requests, keeping data protected and responding efficiently.

Our Microsoft Priva Privacy Management

Eliminating Privacy Threats

Identify and resolve privacy risks such as data hoarding, data transfers, and data oversharing by assessing your organization's privacy posture.

Automation of Subject Rights

Automate subject rights requests through automated data discovery, conflict detection, in-place review, and secure collaboration.

User Awareness

Empowering users in decision-making and handling decisions through privacy training and automated reminders to review and delete obsolete information

Prevents Data Oversharing

By detecting oversharing of personal data, informing file owners to review and adjust access, and providing privacy training, incidents of overexposure can be reduced.

Critical Data Detection

To prevent data leakage, automatically detect files labelled confidential or containing multiple people's personal information.

Data Discovery

Locate emails, messages, documents, and slides containing personal information automatically.

Minimize Data Hoarding

Data minimization Reduce data hoarding by detecting unused personal data and sending users email digests.

Privacy Insights

Analyze your organization's privacy posture, namely the amount of personal data, where it's stored, how it's moved, and the privacy risks it faces.

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