GS-IT offers a range of cabling solutions for your Data and Audio/Video networks and telecommunication needs. These services are customized to suit your budget, location, and business size. Our team has a flexible approach and extensive experience with cabling installation in almost every environment.

Office Cabling

We offer expert structured data and network cabling solutions with maximum efficiency across the office floor, creating a seamless environment between the user desks and server rooms.

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WiFi Cabling

Whether you wish to install Wi-Fi access points in a new building or need support for your existing Wi-Fi cabling set-up, our team is equipped to provide the required infrastructure services

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Cable rearrangement issue fixing & maintenance

Our peerless support team is available 24/7 for emergency response and troubleshooting. We conduct network analysis, cable management, and document/label each component for easy future management.

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CCTV Cabling

Our CCTV cabling services are SIRA regulated. We help connect all your surveillance equipment across the building structure and control sensors easily from your workstation.

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Telephonic Cabling

Our team provides installation, expansion, and modification services for a range of telephone set-ups such as IP, digital, and Analogue phone systems as well as WAN/LAN and frame relays.

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Villa Cabling

No matter the size of your villa, we provide structured data cabling services with minimal civil work or construction work. Our team works closely with you to design and install a set-up that matches exactly your needs.

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Optic Fiber Splicing

We at GS-IT study your existing infrastructure to identify the type of optic fibre required to maximize system efficiency and propose a plan accordingly. All our structured network cabling ensures lossless data transmission through your network.

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Audio/Video Cabling

We understand your requirements and propose most suitable plan with proper materials for the implementation of Crucial control rooms, Smart meeting rooms, Videowalls Digital signages, etc.

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Data Centers Cabling

Data center are the backbone of any organization and ISP infrastructure. We ensure compatibility between your equipment and infrastructure, installing a structured cabling setup that is durable and is optimized for future use and upgrades.

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Warehouse Cabling

Warehouses are big structures with very specific material and equipment needs. Our team of technicians is trained for safety and helps design, procure, and install the required structured cabling infrastructure.

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GS-IT has a top-notch portfolio as a client-oriented network cabling company in Dubai. As leaders in structured cabling in Dubai, our team of infrastructure and networking specialists, future-proof your system, proactively managing the process from the first contact to project completion and complete support afterward. With experience spanning industries and locations, we are one of the best structured data cabling services in Dubai.

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Quality Cabling

GS-IT offers the best infrastructural capabilities and technicians in the market. We are devoted to providing our clients with the highest quality cabling services and solutions. All our network cabling infrastructure and services fulfil international quality benchmarks standards of the industry and offer unrivalled network speed, reliability, and security.

structured cabling companies in dubai
Our Experience in the

With over 9 years in the industry, we are primed to offer quality data cabling solutions for every client without exception. Our team delivers diverse types of network cabling solutions - managing everything from installation, construction, change, and expansion. It makes us uniquely appealing as a structured cabling provider in Dubai.

structured cabling companies in dubai
Custom Cabling

No matter how extensive your requirements, GS-IT has data cabling solutions to match and exceed those expectations. We are firm believers in the philosophy that no two clients are the same. So, we have adopted an exceptionally client-centric approach with our services, providing flexible and robust cabling installation solutions to clients everywhere in Dubai.

structured cabling companies in dubai
Dynamic, Cost-effective

We at GS-IT assure you that we always prioritize our client’s needs. We always sought to find easy and affordable ways to set up your network cabling infrastructure, without ever compromising your network quality. All our structured network cabling installations and services in Dubai are scalable and transparent, with no hidden or small print costs.

Our Performance

GS-IT takes pride in its extensive portfolio of network cabling services and projects. Our team manages Structured Cabling Solutions for businesses from all over Dubai. We work closely with our clients to design solutions, resolve issues, and create a seamless environment.

We are a leading Structured Network Cabling contractor in Dubai with up to 99.99% accuracy on system uptime.

We offer structured data cabling solutions for our clients, providing round-the-clock management and support on services such as Optic Fibre Cabling, Fibre Splicing, and Fibre Termination.

Our team has extensive experience with the design and installation of a wide range of network and server room setup projects in Dubai UAE


Data Cabling Projects

We are a leading Structured Cabling Service provider in Dubai with up to 99.99% accuracy on system uptime.


Optic Fiber Cabling Projects

We offer smart Cabling solutions for our clients, providing round-the-clock management and support on services such as Optic Fiber Cabling, Fiber Splicing, and Fiber Termination.


Network and Server room Setup Projects

Our team has extensive experience with the design and installation of a wide range of network and server room setup projects in Dubai UAE.

Looking for professional structured network cabling services in Dubai?

We offer creative design, identify, and install innovative infrastructure and give complete maintenance for your network cabling setup as a completely managed Structured Cabling Service provider in Dubai. Give us a call or write an email if you have any questions about Structured Cabling, Data Cabling, Network Cabling, Audio/Video Cabling or Fibre Optics.

We offer innovative structure cabling projects design, installation, and maintenance of your business setup. Our team provides excellent customer service and high-quality solutions. We have a proven track record and have been in business for over 10 years. Give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions about Data Cabling, Network Cabling, Structured Cabling, Voice & Data Cabling, Fibre Optics or Network Cabling.

Our Clients

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  • 01. What is structured cabling?

    Structured cabling services are an organized approach to cabling infrastructure. It provides a path for transmitting data, voice, alarm, video, or signals within the network.
    We help you with various kinds of structure cabling

    • Office cabling
    • Wi-Fi cabling
    • CCTV cabling
    • Telephonic cabling
    • Villa cabling
    • Audio/video cabling
    • Data center cabling
    • Warehouse cabling

    We also assist with optical fibre splicing, cable rearrangement, and maintenance of all sorts.

  • 02. What report will you provide to your client on completing the structured cabling project?

    Upon completing the installation, we will provide you with a customized Job Completion Report along with the Fluke Test report.
    Fluke test: It is a series of industry-standard tests and measurements conducted on a successful structured cabling installation process. Every cable will be tested with a line of tools to certify its performance. On clearance of all faults, the cabling is said to be successfully installed.

  • 03. What are the benefits of Structured Cabling?

    As the name suggests,

    • Aesthetic to work with as it is organized.
    • Potential downtime is reduced as it’s easy to manage
    • Time-saving- Moving adds-on, and changes are much easier to carry out
    • Flexible and Adaptive- New connections can be made and it accommodates changes fast.
    • Cost effective-It is scalable and can cope with any high demands.
    • Secure and robust- Utmost security is provided.
  • 04. What is the process for a structured cabling project?

    On the whole, we will provide a free on-site assessment for your infrastructure. Then we will submit the structured cabling strategy plan and a competitive quote. Upon approval, we will perform the cabling installation and provide test reports once the installation is complete. We will also provide you with post-installation support (structured cabling maintenance contract) and a warranty.


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