Smart classroom solutions

Education continuously advances - becoming mobile, remote, and global, so classrooms need to become smarter and more accessible too. At GS-IT Dubai, we built comprehensive Smart Classroom Solutions, allowing students in your classroom to connect, collaborate, and present from anywhere, any device at once.

Our experts use innovative technologies to improve the potential of every lesson, equipping your classrooms with interactive display screens, collaborative whiteboards, and high-quality audio-visual communication tools.

We aim to deliver a fully integrated learning environment for schools and universities. Our classroom management software allows you to develop lessons in real-time in different formats and make them available for share and save at any later time/date. It makes sure that no single student ever misses out on what happened in your classrooms. These solutions come with handy step-by-step guides so that you can configure our classroom tools remotely.

Transform the way students are taught and managed with our IoT-enabled classroom infrastructure and bring your education set-up into tomorrow.


Remote Learning

Make learning easy for your students. Allow them to connect, share, and collaborate with the rest of the classroom from anywhere, any device.

Immersive Classrooms

We equip you with high-quality audio-video solutions, instant messaging and annotation tools, allowing students to feel fully immersed in their lessons.

Application Integration

Students can integrate their favourite/preferred applications with our classroom solutions, seamlessly working across devices without any learning curve.

Smart Whiteboarding

Make classroom learning dynamic. BYOD-friendly whiteboards that allow each student to engage with the classroom content in real-time.

Easy Collaboration

Make it easy and secure for your students to interact with each other and teachers, share files, send messages, and work together on group projects/assignments.

Classroom Recording & Backups

Make learning stress-free. Record your classroom with our advanced set-up and provide easy access to the students so that they never miss out on a lesson.

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