Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview is a data protection solution designed to tackle the complexities of understanding and managing an organization's sensitive information. With Purview, gain unparalleled visibility into all your data assets across your entire environment, allowing you to govern data effectively.

It protects sensitive data not only on Microsoft platforms but also across various applications, clouds, and devices ensuring data security and compliance. Microsoft Purview empowers you to enhance your organization's risk and compliance posture. By utilizing its advanced data scanning and analysis capabilities, identify data risks and proactively manage regulatory requirements.

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Microsoft Purview is a powerful data governance solution that provides a holistic approach to understanding and governing sensitive information. Its data visibility, protection, and compliance features enable you to maintain control over your data assets, safeguarding them throughout their lifecycle. The Microsoft Purview comes as a part of Microsoft 365, making Microsoft Purview pricing included in the subscription. It can be also purchased as an add-on solution. The mentioned below are Microsoft Purview data protection comprehensive suite.

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management

Microsoft Purview Insider Threat Management is an innovative tool that helps organizations manage the risks associated with insider threats. An insider threat is a risk that comes from within an organization. With Microsoft Purview Insider Threat Management, customers can create policies to manage security and compliance and identify potential threats before they occur. This tool offers enhanced privacy features through pseudonymized user profiles, role-based controls, and audit logs. The end-to-end approach allows efficient management of risks while providing built-in privacy controls to protect sensitive data.

Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance

Microsoft Purview Communication compliance fosters safe and compliant communication. It meets all regulatory compliance terms and addresses corporate code-to-conduct violations. The intelligent playbook feature of Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance uses a machine learning template to identify threats across various Microsoft Product families and non-Microsoft resources. It provides remediation workflows that are flexible and can quickly act upon threats. It maintains the end-user privacy even while identifying and investigating communication risks. It is an easy get-started solution to discover communication risks.

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery is a cutting-edge solution that facilitates and simplifies the identification and delivery of electronic data. It is useful as a piece of evidence in legal procedures. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities that enable businesses to efficiently search, identify, collect, and analyze electronically stored information (ESI) for legal and compliance purposes. With Purview eDiscovery, organizations can easily manage complex legal matters, such as litigation or regulatory investigations, by leveraging its advanced search capabilities and quickly identifying relevant documents and data across various sources.

Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager effectively manages and governs an organization's communicational data. It offers comprehensive compliance management capabilities. It reduces compliance risks with in-built capabilities like compliance score, control mapping, versioning, and control assessment. The Compliance score shows the strength of data protection and offers a step-by-step guide to improving the compliance score. It also provides a non-lawyer language explanation of the steps, making it easier for everyone to understand. Additionally, Purview Compliance Manager provides extensive reporting and auditing capabilities, allowing businesses to maintain a clear record of their compliance activities.

Microsoft Purview Audit

Microsoft Purview Audit is a powerful tool designed to assist organizations in achieving a robust and comprehensive audit trail for their ' data and information assets. It provides a centralized platform that enables businesses to monitor and track activities related to data access, modification, and usage. These audit logs can be used to detect and investigate potential security breaches, unauthorized access attempts, or data misuse. Purview Audit also offers customizable alerts and notifications, empowering organizations to respond to suspicious or anomalous activities.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection

Microsoft Purview Information Protection is a powerful solution designed to help organizations protect and govern their sensitive data across various sources and platforms. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to classify, label, and protect sensitive information based on organizational policies and regulatory requirements. The platform integrates with Microsoft Information Protection capabilities, enabling organizations to apply consistent labels and protection policies across different applications and services. This ensures that sensitive data is safeguarded from unauthorized access, both within and outside the organization's boundaries. Microsoft Purview Information Protection allows fine-grained control.

Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management

From creation to retirement, Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management helps enterprises manage their data assets. It gives enterprises visibility into their data, understands its value, and develops policies and processes to manage its lifespan. Data ingestion, classification, storage, retention, and destruction can be standardized with Purview Data Lifecycle Management. The platform integrates with numerous data sources and repositories to help firms identify, categorize, and evaluate their data assets. Organizations can make informed decisions and optimize data management, decrease storage costs, maintain compliance, and maximize the value of their data assets throughout their lifecycle.

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protects sensitive data in internal and external communication channels against accidental or intentional leakage. Its tools and features detect, monitor, and prevent sensitive data leaks. Purview DLP lets organizations design and implement policies that automatically discover and classify sensitive data based on predefined rules and patterns. Microsoft's information protection solutions interact with the platform to enable consistent data classification and protection across apps and services. Purview DLP provides real-time data flow monitoring and analysis to identify potential data breaches and allow enterprises to manage risks.

Advantages of Microsoft Purview

Unified Data
Governance Platform

Microsoft Purview provides a unified platform for data governance, bringing together data discovery, cataloging, classification, and data lineage capabilities in one solution.

Data Discovery

Purview's data discovery capabilities enable organizations to locate and analyze data assets across various sources, including on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS platforms.

Data Classification &
Sensitivity Labelling

Purview supports data classification and sensitivity labelling, allowing organizations to tag data with appropriate labels based on its sensitivity

Scalability and

Being a cloud-based service, it offers scalability and performance by handling large-scale data cataloging at a cost-efficient Microsoft Purview pricing.

Data Governance

It provides a centralized platform to manage data assets, definitions, and policies. This collaborative approach fosters better data governance practices within the organization.

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