IT Infrastructure Relocation

Our Features

Dedicated Team

GS-IT provides a dedicated team of certified experts for your IT relocation project. Our team consults closely with your in-house team and coordinates with physical movers to give you an IT relocation solution that matches your business needs. We conduct an IT assessment and equipment inventory, project management, and secure transportation as well as complete reassembly and testing of your equipment at the new location. Our technicians carry out each step according to standard guidelines and regulations.

IT Consultation & Professional Advice

GS-IT has harnessed near-decade experience as an IT relocation provider in Dubai. It makes us uniquely equipped to address all your queries and concerns regarding your IT relocation project. We give an assessment of your IT infrastructure and help design a strategic relocation plan that makes your move as smooth and safe as possible. We also provide advice on the security and data protection measures that would be essential for such a move of your business sites.

Secure Data Backup & Migration

Along with quick and secure relocation of your IT infrastructure, we also make sure your business data security by creating complete and multiple backups of your servers as part of the preparation for the move. Our relocation services include secure migration, reconfiguration, and testing/verification of all your backup data copies to the new setup. We also coordinate with your ISP and telecom service providers to ensure a seamless transition.

Documentations & Standards

GS-IT team is fully trained and certified, using best practices and industry standards to guide your business IT relocation. We create comprehensive documentation of your entire relocation project, creating inventories and roadmaps of all your equipment and workstations. It helps with the reassembly and deployment of your IT assets at the new location as well as quickly assess which equipment needs to be discarded, recycled, and/or upgraded.