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IP PBX System Features

Call Forwarding

It is inevitable that a called party is away from the contacted telephone. With our call forwarding services, any and all incoming calls are redirected to whichever telephone service the desired party is at. These services are enabled under different conditions, such as, busy line, unanswered call, permanent transfer of location of the telephone user.

Call Recording

Since business calls often include important exchange of information, we provides services for call recording as well external storage of recording files (e.g., USB, TF, SD, HDD). This service is included within the S-Series VolP PBX.


People rarely like to wait indefinitely over busy/engaged call lines. With our queue services, put your calls to a specific destination in order and receive them as soon as an extension clears up.

Call Pickup

Daily workload is taxing without the additional hassle of running around the office to unanswered calls. Users are able to pick up the calls from their own desk phones.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

In this age and day, call automation is a sensible choice. Recorded voice prompts and appropriate information exchange filters the incoming calls and allows you to focus only on urgent/important calls.

Caller ID

Information about the incoming calls are useful in many aspects, including directing the call to appropriate users.

Call Waiting

This feature allows an extension user to receive another call while on the phone, so the user can answer important calls without missing it. And the first caller will be put on hold waiting till the user switching back.

Attended Transfer

Consult transfer of call to a desired third party is enable, only if they are available to receive the call./p>

Call Monitor

In case of supervision over a trainee or tapping into an important call, certain privileged users (managers or supervisors) can this service to easily monitor all conversations.

Waiting music

Being put on a queue and waiting is never enjoyable. But with our services, you can customise your on-hold music to be entertaining or informative.

Music on Hold

Our services also include music played to callers while they are put on hold. You can upload any .wav or .gsm file with music to Yearstar IPPBX and set the on-hold music for your business.

Skype Integration

By integrating your business skype account with your IP-PBX, you make your communication more cost-effective.

IP Telephony Solutions For Your Business

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Connecting Office Branches

Effective communication between all departments and branches is key to the positive growth of any business. With our PBX services, you can use VPN to establish the central headquarters as the VPN server. We help network your connections via P2P mode and allows you to make cost cuts and maintain better control over your office environment.

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Consumer Experience

By combining IP PBX system with advanced call centre management software, our services ensure a satisfactory experience for your customers. Along with improved customer satisfaction, the call centre data allows you to monitor agent productivity, campaign statistics, as well as measure targets and conversion rates.

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All-IP Migration Solution

By driving forward to the All-IP future with our services, you can experience quality communications, benefit from decreased communication costs and simplify operations by using a single technology for telephony and data. With our PBX solutions for businesses, you can move to an All-IP set-up smoothly and with maximum efficiency.