As much as passwords are essential to your security protocol, they also pose a serious threat to your IT security. We, at GS-IT, help create password solutions that match your complex, ever-growing IT systems. Our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) services ensure that your identity and access management setup are secure and enhance your customer satisfaction.

Protect your accounts and applications with our intuitive multi-factor authentication solutions and safeguard yourself against credential theft and fraud. With our advanced mechanisms, you can proactively monitor and block any suspicious IP addresses from your business network, as well as integrate your internal and external security measures for better threat visibility.

Our Single Sign-On solution integrates market-leading technological with industry expertise to deliver a secure, integrated endpoint management system for your organization. It helps improve your end-user experience and allows them to access multiple accounts with a single password. Our SSO solution also enables faster integration of any new app to your existing user network access system and increases your business productivity.


360 Protection

We help you secure all your user accounts and business applications so that only people with proper authentication are granted access to your critical business data.

Adaptive, Hassle-free Services

Boost your user satisfaction with our simple, easy to install and manage MFA solutions and ensure that you are not wasting time or resources on unnecessary processes.

Block Unauthorized Access

Use our policy-based MFA and SSO solution to prevent suspicious or unauthorized users and third parties from getting access to your secure business network.

Smarter Access Policies

Apply access policies for your users that check for factors such as network location, IP address, etc., before allowing or denying access to a user.

Easy Authentication

Log in with our smart SSO portal service and get single sign-on access to all your business applications, as well as automate permissions for all trusted systems on your network.

Standard Compliance

We design world-class authentication tools and solutions that comply with all the industry regulations and standards - solutions that fit your business requirements perfectly.


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