Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity at Every Space with Ubiquiti’s UniFi Wireless Gateways

Ubiquiti’s comprehensive range of network access devices are advanced solutions that support the latest Wi-Fi standards and deliver fast data transfer speeds and enhanced performance across areas of various frequencies. They are reliable, secure, and scalable devices specifically crafted to overcome challenges in network communications. GS-IT, with over a decade of expertise as a leading IT solutions provider, brings to Dubai this carefully designed wireless connectivity lineup with diverse deployment options and scalable capabilities to cater to the constantly evolving networking demands.

Ubiquiti UniFi wireless gateway

UniFi Wireless Wi-Fi Solutions from Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti’s wireless network devices are designed to adapt to various deployment scenarios with diverse mounting options, capacity, and effortless installation. They are high-performance network access devices delivering scalable Wi-Fi connectivity across wide areas. 


Ubiquiti in-wall wifiIn-Wall

Ubiquiti flexible wifiFlexible & Outdoor

Mega CapacityMega Capacity

Building BridgeBuilding Bridge

Flagship wall or ceiling-mountable designs feature the latest technologies, like Wi-Fi 7 and MU-MIMO. They deliver optimized performance in high-density environments at fast data transfer speeds, exceptional range and capacity.

Compact designs that easily blend into the existing decor without disrupting the aesthetics or compromising performance. They can be mounted into the walls or ceilings and provide powerful Wi-Fi coverage with a simple plug and play set up.

Access points engineered to withstand harsh outdoor environments with UniFi Flex HD and UniFi Mesh capabilities. They feature flexible mounting options, a weatherproof design and external antenna integration for connection across long distances.

Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity in high density environments like large-scale enterprises, stadiums and other crowd pulling venues. The directional antenna array system ensures uninterrupted and high-speed connectivity, focused coverage and scalability.

Building Bridge establishes stable connections across multiple buildings that are about 500 m (1,640 ft) apart and offers fiber-like high-speed network connectivity. The LED alignment indicators allow for accurate and effortless plug-and-play installation.

Trending Features of UniFi Wi-Fi Solutions

Radio Channel Planning

Channel Planning

Simplified radio management by automated selection of channels with minimal congestion through careful monitoring and scanning of surrounding RF environment.

UniFi’s Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Remotely manage devices from a single intuitive interface. With the integrated UniFi network, the administration of multiple Wi-Fi access devices is simplified efficiently.

Advanced Monitoring Technology

Monitoring Technology

A visual representation of Wi-Fi signal strength across the coverage area helps identify areas with weaker signal strength and install APs accordingly for optimizing network reach.

Flexible Authentication Support

Authentication Support

Secure and authorized network access with encryption protocols, advanced authentication servers like RADIUS for and separate guest networks for visitors.

Remote IT support services

Why Choose GS-IT?

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Wi-Fi access devices deliver stable connectivity with high throughput and capacity. These innovative designs boast versatile mounting options that adapt to various environments and easy installation for a hassle-free user experience. The professionals at GS-IT, understanding the client requirements, recommend and deliver the most suitable high-performance Ubiquiti Wi-Fi solutions in Dubai. We offer seamless installation, configuration and remote support to ensure smooth network connectivity with Ubiquiti’s Wi-Fi access devices.

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