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GS-IT has been an industry leader in Interactive Display Solutions for nearly a decade. We help build a fully integrated BYOD environment for your team with our advanced interactive display and whiteboards. We equip your conference, board, and training rooms with Ultra-HD 4K finger traced screens and allow multiple devices to stream to a single display wirelessly. It helps you collaborate and share with ease, annotate in real-time, create living documents, and save/record your work on cloud or local servers. Use our smooth whiteboarding applications to write on any content and manipulate your displays with our highly intuitive annotation tools.

We help transform the way collaboration happens for your teams, including mobile and remote participants. Meet anywhere, anytime, without any fuss. You can pay for our services as you, scaling based on your needs and business growth. Our solutions prioritize your security concerns, providing 24/7 technical support and maintenance throughout the lifetime of the service.

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Interactive display solutions dubai
Interactive whiteboard dubai

Present, train, braitnstorm, report, and update – Let GS-IT increase your
team productivity and make your meeting more seamless.

Interactive whiteboard dubai
Interactive whiteboard dubai
Interactive display solutions dubai


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4K HD Display

Get unmatched clarity with our ultra-HD 4K display and enjoy a range of interactive screen functions.

Best interactive display dubai
Integrated collaboration tools

Plan communicate and share – our advanced displays provide all-in-one collaboration solutions for your team.

Best interactive display dubai
Wireless Presentation

Team members can wirelessly connect to the central display to present from anywhere, any device.

Best interactive display dubai
Multi-user Connectivity

Make team collaborations more dynamic by allowing multiple users to connect to the central display.

Best interactive display dubai
Wireless Device Connectivity

Design a clean, clutter-free meeting environment with our one-click wireless device connectivity service.

Best interactive display dubai
In-built Audio-Visual System

Our display solutions come with in-build HD cameras, mics, and speakers for immersive meeting experiences.

Best interactive display dubai
Extendable Whiteboard

Enhance your team brainstorming sessions with virtual whiteboards that can be easily extended to do more.

Best interactive display dubai
Centralized Tool Navigation

Customize your home screen to match your needs and access all your tools in one place.

Enhance your team communication
with interactive displays

Full ranges of sizes:
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  • 55
  • 65
  • 75
  • 86

Communicate in a compelling and imaginative manner with our modern displays. We equip your meeting rooms, training rooms, and smart classrooms with interactive screen displays and digital whiteboards. Improve team productivity with our fully featured and intuitive interactive display solutions.

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