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GS-IT is an industry leading expert in IT procurement and outsourcing services and solutions. We have qualified and skills team composed of people with domain expertise in various industries wherein we operate in Dubai. Our teams work through customer collaboration, providing valuable insights and support to enable a more in-sync IT environment for your operational spaces, both physical and cloud. All our IT solutions are cost-optimized, scalable to need and demand, or provide 24/7/360 client support.

With GS-IT IT solutions, you’re able to get

  • Industry complaint infrastructure and support
  • In-time support from a team of professional
  • Years of expertise in your specific field of interest
  • Innovate use of technology for adaptive solutions

Public Sector

World-over, the public sector faces rapid growth, complexity, and budget pressures that comes in with modern market-spaces and technological innovation. They have to meet higher standard and expectations. A competent IT partner helps you move the data around exponentially faster and deliver improved outcomes. GS-IT works with different public sector to transition their existing systems onto better servers, build comprehensive and modern strategies to build smart IT infrastructure, maximize efficiency, and improve technological experience.

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Non- Profit

Technology is at the forefront of effective action towards change, and one of the essentials tool for modern non-profit spaces. We take responsibility for the back-office IT functions of your non-profit department. GS-IT’s non-profit IT consultation team assess and collaborates with your team to deliver a fully managed IT environment customized to your work and specific needs. Our IT solutions are also budget-optimized, with the focus on maximizing up-time and creating secure IT environment.


Financial domain-specific IT needs are complex, regulated, and highly sensitive. Financial service firm work to keep pace and client loyalty and so, they need high market credibility and expertise. GS-IT delivers real value to your firm with integrated, innovative, and secure IT solutions including advanced protection against Cyber-threats, real-time monitoring, regular system updates, 24/7 support, and more. Our IT operations maintain business continuity and reliability, and in compliant with the sector’s regulatory guidelines.


Healthcare is an ever-evolving sector. Patient care, medical technologies, and regulatory guidelines are continuously changing and so, to accommodate this rapid growth, they need to redefine the underlying IT operations. At GS-IT, we use our wealth of experience and domain expertise to access your medical framework and so provide collaborative, integrated, and cost-effective solutions for all your IT needs. We adhere to the standard industry regulations when transforming to existing IT set-up into a fully managed healthcare ecosystem, providing continuous monitoring, update, security, and support.

Higher Education

Modern education spaces are inevitably interwoven within digital platforms to meet the market demand for highly immersed and personalized learning experience. It has caused a pivotal shift in educational models, making it eminent for institutes to undergo innovation through digital transformation. With GS-IT you can outsource these IT responsibility to a team of experts and get cost-effective, customized, and flexible IT education solutions. We develop, manage, and update your technology road-maps so that how and when your students learn drives evolution of your IT infrastructure.

Manufacturing and Distribution

In the modern marketspace, manufacturing companies rely on 100% availability of high functions applications and robust IT systems to maintain their complex, multi-level partnership networks and customer chains. The new operating paradigm demands a more streamlined delivery of manufacturing tasks, from procurement to marketing and support. The aim is to increase efficiency at each end-point. GS-IT takes over the otherwise cumbersome IT infrastructure management and support responsibilities to provide a fully automated, secure, and customized supported marketing framework to your needs and demands.

Media and Entertainment

The media domain is undergoing a pivotal shift in terms of how content is created, distributed, and consumed. The global digital consumers is novel for the sector, at once opening it to unparalleled opportunities and disruptive complexity, creating the need to outsource IT needs to external providers. GS-IT delivers IT solutions and industry expertise to address these challenges efficiently and achieve your strategic objectives. Our team works to quickly adapt and align to your customer needs, maintain your IT system and provide round-the-clock support.


Retail industry sustains on a healthy IT environment. Modern retailing relies on technology for increased customer access to product information, acquisition, and support through best-of-breed retail solutions. GS-IT enables the transforming paradigm of retail and increases your product’s visibility by identifying the causes, current trends, and consequences influenced by the technology. We aim to extend your market across digital and physical spaces, increase sales and market share, and make your brand signature distinctive. Additionally, we ensure an evolving, secure, and fully managed retailing ecosystem.



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